Mentally Dealing with Your Glass Pipe or Bong Breaking

Don't Panic. You May Be Able to Save It.

You ever have "one of those days" where nothing seems to be going right? It feels like we have one of those days every week lately.  

You’re kicking back, glass pipe bowl is loaded and ready; it's time to hit the reset button on your mood. All the necessary items are nestled perfectly in their place.

      • Lighter ✅
      • Drink ✅
      • Snacks ✅
      • Phone ✅
      • Freshly Stuffed Glass Bowl ✅
      • Freshly Stuffed Glass Bong ✅ 

It seems like nothing but smooth sailing now, but then the unexpectedly, unholiest of things happens.

Maybe you fumbled the glass pipe or kicked the table leg, but the bowl has officially dropped. 

Take these steps from Me Time Box Products, stoner gifts and stoner boxes, for Mentally Dealing with Your Glass Pipe or Bong Breaking

Your fav glass pipe made that instantly recognizable clinking-sound. 

Your subconscious mind starts your inner self thinking:

"Do you think it bounced?" 
"I bet it bounced and it's okay"
"Come on now. Glass doesn't bounce"

You already know what happened, but you have to check anyway.

On the way over to inspect the damage, you kick the table leg and your bong tips over, cracking the bowl piece right off the glass stem.

Your bad day transforms into a nightmare.  It feels like someone casted a spell to test your will.

You may not know what to do when it happens but do not panic; we’re here to help.

Take a couple of deep breaths and recenter yourself.

Get grounded and approach it logically and sane.

It might not be all that bad, but then again it might be a dumpster fire. Either way, you will be mentally prepared for anything.

Follow these steps and find out what we think we should do!

Step 1: Assess the Damage

If your bong stem or your glass pipe breaks, first thing to do is Assess the Damage. Read more at, home of the top rated stoner box and glass pipe giveaway.

For Glass Pipes

Inspect the pipe to see where the damage has occurred.

Do not handle it with your bare hands and avoid glass cuts.

See if there is just a hairline fracture in the pipe or if any glass has shattered. 

If you have determined your glass pipe is just cracked but aren’t sure if it’s usable, check out our visual guide to help determine if you want to smoke out of a cracked glass pipe, learn how to identify broken glass pipes and usability.

Keep reading below the bong section for Step 2!

For Glass Bong Stems and Bowls

If the top of the stem glass bowl snapped off, we suggest tossing it.

We tried stuffing a glass chillum into the tube, but haven't had any consistent luck.
Snag a backup glass bong. This 5" mini bong really gets the job done for a backup plan and as a daily user.

If the bong stem is cracked on the bottom, where it would normally be submerged in bong water, you can probably salvage it, but we assume no liability and these are the hypothetical steps we would take.

  1. Clean the bong thoroughly and give it a few extra rinses.
  2. If it's a simple smash on the bottom, just raise the stem up and fill with more water.
  3. If the glass bowl was attached to the bong stem and is no longer attached, try flipping the tube.

If you aren't feeling it, just throw it away. Got a glass pipe? Read on!

Step 2: Clean Up Any Messes

If your glass pipe bowl breaks, you have to Clean Up Any Messes to avoid a bloody mess! Read more at, RAW rolling bundles and stoner boxes with no subscription and free shipping.

Use a wet cloth to clean up any glass fragments and dispose of the cloth. Get out the vacuum, since glass shards in between toes never feels great.

If the glass smoking pipe is a complete goner, place what’s left of it in a bag, and drop it in a garbage can.

If your glass pipe bowl was full, use your best judgment on whether you should should salvage the contents of the bowl.

If it looks like you might inhale shards of artisan glass with your next session, just pitch it. Know your worth!

Containing and getting rid of any dangerous parts is Safety 101. 

Step 3: Clean the Glass Pipe

Read the MeTimeBox Guide to Mentally Dealing with Your Glass Pipe or Bong Breaking, then grab a new stoner gift or a stoner subscription box with free shipping and no commitment!

If the glass pipe is salvageable, make sure to thoroughly clean it. Wipe down all exterior surfaces and clean out the interior parts of the pipe.

Run water over and through it to ensure everything is cleaned out and allow time for it to dry.

Make sure you take the time to sanitize the glass pipe too, either by boiling or using alcohol.

Learn how we keep it fresh in our guide on how to clean a glass pipe.

Step 4: Determine WHY it Broke 

Determine why your bong stem or bowl broke and try to avoid replicating another break. Read more at Me Time Box Products, home of the best smoking subscription box without a subscription and the free glass pipe giveaway.

It may be obvious why a glass pipe broke, such as it fell off a table and hit the floor, causing it to shatter.

Put on your sleuthing hat and ask yourself if there is more to it than that. 

Did the smoke pipe have a wonky or unstable underside, that made it likely to tip over or roll away? 
Did the pipe appeal to you partly because it was lightweight and easy to pack away or carry around with you?
Are you an accident-prone klutz that just knocks things over all the time?

Whatever it was, make an attempt to fix the problem, like admitting that you were definitely part of the problem, so don't point any fingers.

We use the small metal rolling tray that you could get every month in your stoner box without a subscription, as the permanent home for our glass pipes before, during and after a sesh.

Step 5: Replace the Glass Pipe If It Can't Be Saved 

Buy a brand new glass pipe or glass bong and put the trauma of breaking your piece behind you. Use this guide from Me Time Box for more tips.

No one likes to lose a pipe that is an old favorite that they have had forever or a new one they just bought and fell in love with, but if it’s no longer functional, you have to say goodbye to it.

Play a tiny set of bagpipes and send it on to its next life. 

Don't forget to recycle. ♻️

Step 6: Look For a New, Higher Quality Glass Pipe 

Settle your brain down and Look For a New, Higher Quality Glass Pipe from MeTimeBox!

It's going to be okay. Now you can go shopping to find a new BFF!

Maybe this time, go heavy?

When you have a heavy, triple blown glass pipe, the weight can help keep it in place on table tops, and the triple blown glass helps to withstand big drops.

You don’t have to pay top dollar to get a high-quality glass pipe, but you don’t want to make a purchasing choice based solely on looking for cheap glass pipes, especially if you are accident prone.

If you are visiting a smoke shop online and cannot examine the glass pipe with your own hands, feel free to message or call the store and ask any questions you have.

As a potential customer, you have a right to make an educated shopping decision.

Be wary of any smoke shop that seems hesitant to answer questions about the quality of their products.

Just a Friendly Tip

Be weary of competitor sites like Free Pipe Friday and Free Pipe Frenzy where the cost is much higher than buying direct! Read our guide on how to deal with the mental trauma when your piece breaks. Learn more tips at MeTimeBox, stoner gifts and RAW rolling bundles.

Consider what you’ve learned from the loss of this pipe before purchasing a new one.

If you have come to realize that the first bargain glass pipe you scored for cheap, is actually a ripoff that you overpaid for, don't fret because it happens to everyone.

Become an educated online shopper, that possesses an eye for quality glass pipes and avoiding bad actors. 

Be careful out there in your digital life, because the creepy smoke shop industry lurks in the online shadows, luring unsuspecting people into their traps with catchy names like Free Pipe Friday and Free Pipe Frenzy.

Just remember, where there is smoke, there is usually fire. 🔥

Our Smoking Subscription Box Solves Problems 

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Remember that we always use discreet shipping so nobody knows what just arrived at your door, but you. 

Take it easy out there. You are stronger than you think!

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