Proper Etiquette for a Virtual Smoke Session

Virtual smoke sessions have grown in popularity in great part due to how many people are staying home during the pandemic. Since we can’t all get together with friends at bars, restaurants, concerts, and other live venues any time we want, it was inevitable that an alternative popped up to help take the place of getting together in person. 💻

Virtual smoke sessions are a fun, easy way to gather together with your friends who share your hobby. 💨 You can all enjoy a good group smoke sesh and the camaraderie of friendship without anyone having to leave the house. 

Even without reasons to quarantine at home these days, it’s fun sometimes to enjoy a more modern way of hanging with people you love. Virtual smoke sessions mean casual dress is always welcome, there’s no after-party clean up for the host or long drives home for the guests. 🚗

    Virtual Smoke Session Status = Noob?

    Use your smokers subscription box from Me Time Box Products to add a little excitement to your virtual smoke session

    Don’t be intimidated to set up a virtual smoke session because it’s super easy to put together! Follow this fool-proof guide and you will be blazing trails in your virtual sesh game.

    Step 1: Decide on which video platform to use ✅

    Guide to planning a virtual smoke session from Me Time Box products, home of the free glass pipe, just pay shipping

    Zoom, Google Hangouts, Skype, WhatsApp and FaceTime 📱 are just some of the popular choices. Free, easy to download programs allow everyone to join up without any hassle. 

    Step 2: Create the Guestlist ✅

    Save on the best smoking subscription box from Me Time Box Products, then plan a guest list for your Virtual Smoke Session

    If you’re like us, you’ve got a good number of friends who appreciate putting their smoking accessories and products into play, so it shouldn’t be difficult to come up with a small guest list of people to invite. 

    Step 3: Send out an Evite ✅


    Check in with them to see what day and time works best for everyone so they can all attend. 

    Communication is the key to a successful sesh!

    Step 4: Keep it Private ✅

    Smoke loud, but keep it quiet during your virtual smoke session. Claim a free glass smoke pipe, just pay shipping.

    Make sure you will have some privacy for your smoke session so you won’t have to worry about interruptions. Ask any noisy family members, partners or roommates to keep it down while you recharge your batteries and let the good times roll.

    Plan a Session Timed With Your Monthly Subscription Box Arrival

    If you’ve got a smoking subscription box that’s due soon, set up your virtual smoke session for just after its arrival. This will give you a chance to show off all your awesome new Me Time Box products that were just delivered to your door! 

    Make a production out of letting everyone see the high-quality items you receive each month, like our awesome chillums and colorful bongs. Demonstrating some of your purchases is like a modern-day show-and-tell for adults!

    Make sure you have any needed accessories handy, like a lighter, a grinder or RAW rolling papers. Be prepared so that once the session begins, you are free to just relax with your best buds.

    Choose a Fun Activity

    Virtual smoke session activities can be card games, VR or online shopping at the best smokers subscription box site!

    If you and your friends were all sitting around together in the same room, you would likely have something fun to focus on, like a movie 🎥 to watch. Even if the gang's all virtual, you can still select an activity for everyone to enjoy. 

    Before the party date, ask if anyone has a game app or activity that’s good for several people to play and take a vote. 🙌 It’s important that everyone feels included, especially if they are new to enjoying their virtual sesh electronically with friends.  

    Once everyone has enjoyed their initial smoke out, let the games begin! 

    It might be a virtual version of a board game that has everyone engaged in good-natured competition or a round of karaoke 🎤 that allows you to channel your inner Katy Perry or Elton John. 

    You can try going around the virtual circle and letting everyone tell a joke. 🤣 Funniest joke wins a package of RAW cones from your smoke box!

    Snack on Your Favorite Munchies


    Just because there isn’t a refreshments table for everyone to enjoy samples from doesn’t mean you and your friends can’t enjoy snacks and drinks. 😋 Pick a menu item like cookies or tacos and challenge all your guests to bake or prepare their own and show them off on camera. 

    You can also pick a theme for drinks. 🍹 Ask everyone to make their favorite version of a margarita or daiquiri and share the recipe. Mocktails, teas and coffee drinks can also be part of the theme. A refreshing drink always goes down well after using a one hitter.

    Keep the Conversation Flowing

    Host of the virtual smoke session has to keep the party going. Pull out new items from your smoking subscription box to show off!

    As the host or hostess of your virtual smoke session, make a point of guiding the conversation so that everyone enjoys it. Some people may be a bit unsure of how to act on camera 😟, while some may tend to either pipe up or pipe down when sampling their buds. 

    Bring up subjects that everyone can answer, like naming the last great movie they streamed or a favorite restaurant they order delivery 🚗 from all the time. Ask if your guests would like to vent about things that are going on in the world or if they’d prefer to keep the conversation light-hearted and avoid negative news

    In Conclusion

    Remember that this pandemic is temporary. Having virtual smoke sessions to help accommodate current conditions is a plus, not a downer. It’s a great alternative to help us all stay connected and make time to let our hair down and enjoy a pass-time we all have in common.

    Think about setting up regular virtual smoke sessions, and letting people take turns hosting them. Your Me Time Box subscription will give you a variety of ways to enjoy each time you e-meet up with people. 

    Don't forget to have some fun!

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