Pros vs Cons: How to Choose a Bong

You finally decided it’s time to ditch the bowls and joints and get yourself a bong. But if this is your first time, you might be lost on where to start and how the whole thing works. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. First, a few basics before we take you on the journey of a lifetime.

What Are Bongs?

Tri Color Bong Pipe from Me Time Box

What is a bong exactly? A bong is a filtration device that’s used to smoke various substances like resin, concentrates, or herbs. They’re the most popular method to smoke because you get a much better effect compared to other methods. There are several parts of a bong and they include the mouthpiece, the bowl, the bong pipe, and the percolator.

What Are Bongs Made of?

Typically, water pipe bongs are made of four different materials like acrylic, silicone, ceramic, or glass. Each material provides a different smoking experience.


    5 inch Purple Acrylic Bong From Me Time Box

    Acrylic bongs combine durability with aesthetics. You can get an acrylic bong in just about any shape, size, and color. They’re lightweight for easy portability and are sometimes considered an unbreakable bong. 

    The biggest bonus of an acrylic bong is the price. They usually cost much less than other types, which is great if you’re trying to save. 

    The biggest complaint with acrylic bongs is the taste. You get a different, not so pleasant taste compared to glass or ceramic bongs. 

    Choose this type if you’re looking for durability and price in your new glass water pipe.


      5 Inch Blue Silicone Bong From Me Time Box

      In recent years, silicone bongs have become more popular for a few reasons. They’re constructed with the same material that resin containers are made from, so it takes a lot to break them, unlike glass or ceramic. 

      Silicone bongs are also portable and usually cost much less than other types. But unlike acrylic bongs, you won’t find fancy shapes or colors because of the soft material they’re made of.

      If you’re looking for portability and flexibility, silicone is for you.


        Ceramic bongs are quite creative in their colors and designs. You can find ceramic bongs in the shape of mushrooms, fruits, animals, or even dragons. How cool is that? 

        They are great conversational pieces and can be even mistaken for household décor. This makes them less conspicuous and won’t draw unnecessary attention if it’s something you need to conceal. 

        You won’t get an unpleasant taste the way you would with an acrylic bong, and they don’t cost too much. Ceramic bongs aren’t indestructible like silicone bongs but they’re not easily breakable either.

        If you’re looking for an aesthetically pleasing bong, this is what you need.


          Glass Bong From Me Time Box For A Cool Smoking Experience

          Glass bongs are considered the holy grail when it comes to smoking. Large glass bongs or even a 5” mini bong delivers a smoking experience to the user that’s different from the other types. There aren’t any unpleasant tastes or odors and you get the smoothest bong hit. 

          You can get glass bongs in many different shapes or colors, so it’s easy to pick out a glass bong to fit your personality. Want a cool smoking experience? You can even find glass bongs with built-in ice chambers, to chill the smoke for a smoother hit. 

          However, glass bongs are the most expensive and most fragile of all types. They break much easier and are quite heavy. This makes it harder to travel with. Some of the best bongs on the market use a stronger glass called super thick borosilicate glass, which increases durability. Make sure to check those out before making a decision.

          It’s the best overall bong. No questions asked.

          How to Choose the Right Bong?

          There are several things you’ll want to consider before you buy a bong. First, start with the type: straight tube, beaker bong, or recycler. Straight tubes produce dense smoke and clear quickly. Beaker bongs have more volume, less dense smoke, and bigger rips. Recyclers are best for CBD concentrates.

          Next, choose the material you want - acrylic, silicone, ceramic, or glass. Since glass is the holy grail of smoke devices, we’ll go into more details about the incredible glass bongs.

          If you choose a glass bong, you can add more features like a percolator, splash guard, ice pinch, or ash catcher. Percolators give it extra smoothness and minimal drag for a full hit. 

          The most popular percolators include honeycombs, trees, showerheads, inlines, and turbines. Splash-guards block you from inhaling dirty bong water, ice pinches hold ice to cool the smoke, and ash catchers to make cleanup and reload easier.

          You want a glass thickness of at least 3.5mm to ensure the longevity of the bong. The joint sizes are important too. They usually come in sizes 14mm and 18mm. Buying a bong with the same size joints makes replacement easier should it break.

          At a glance, here are the pros and cons of a bong:

          Pros to Bongs:

          • Cooler, milder, richer smoke
          • More intense user experience
          • Bongs may filter out more harmful particles
          • May affect the herb’s potency
          • Many sizes from mini-bong to large bongs 

          Cons to Bongs:

          • Top-heavy bongs are easy to tip and make a mess with the dirty water
          • Glass bongs are easy to break and require frequent cleaning
          • Not easy to travel with (mini and collapsible bongs are an exception)

          Bongs are smoking devices used to inhale different strains of hemp flower or CBD concentrates for a much stronger effect. There are a few factors to consider, including its material, color, size and its shape. 

          Purchasing a bong can definitely lead to a better smoking experience; you just need to remember to keep it clean and take care of it regularly. 

          If you’re still lost on what to buy after reading, you can always try out the Me Time Box Subscription and get monthly smoke essentials that can help you make the right decision for you.

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