Did You Know Smoking Can Inspire Creativity?


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One of the great joys in life comes from enjoying the fruits of the labor of creative people. How boring life would be if we didn’t have things that add such depth and joy to our lives as movies, music, theater and other creative arts. 

Making life even more interesting is if you are one of the very artistic types who enjoy creating something out of nothing, both for your own enrichment and the pleasure of others. If you are a creative person, you know the pleasure of the process of creating. 

Unfortunately, you also sometimes experience the frustration of not feeling inspired 😒. Maybe you are a musician with an idea for a song to write but you just can’t muster up the focus to get started. Maybe you have an idea for a story to write but don’t feel the drive to sit down and start typing away. 

Whatever creative outlet you enjoy pursuing, when you need a boost of inspiration, look towards putting your greens in action!

Tackle Your Writer’s Block

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There’s nothing worse for a writer than staring at a blank screen and a blinking cursor 💻 and nothing is coming to mind. This is the perfect time to reach for your favorite glass smoke bowl and fire up your imagination! 

Whether you are working on a hot book idea 📚, a screenplay, a piece of poetry or a comedic essay to share with friends, a few puffs can open up the creative floodgates. Pipes and bowls have a long history of helping the ideas start flowing for a writer. 

Try this method wherever you are in the writing process, whether it’s trying to come up with a new idea, developing a plot twist, or doing a final edit job. A smoke break can help you channel your inner Hemingway or Stephen King!

Use All the Colors in Your Crayon Box

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Artists often find themselves wanting to create but finding the muses have deserted them. If you are staring down an empty canvas 🎨, a lump of clay or a new sketchbook, a glass one hit may be your new best friend. 

Sometimes a few minutes of Me Time and your favorite leaf will help open the portal to your vivid imagination. Let the new year be the time you release your inner Van Gogh or Andy Warhol. 

Trading the Sound of Silence for the Sound of Music

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We’ve always admired people with musical talents but we wonder where they get all their ideas. Whether a musician is world-famous, plays small gigs in their town or is still practicing in their garage, inspiration is necessary to write and perform songs. 

If you find it difficult to muster up the energy to plug in your microphone, get out your guitar 🎸or start writing the next great love song, have no fear. Get out one of your favorite glass smoking bowls, utilize your skills on how to pack a bowl, and let your inertia go up in smoke 💨. 

Many successful singers, musicians and songwriters have pointed to using their greens to jumpstart their creative juices and it can work for you, too. Before you know it, you will be grooving with your jam, belting out a ballad or banging your head!

Art That’s Good Enough to Eat


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Creativity isn’t limited to just the creative and performing arts. One place a person has multiple opportunities to express themselves is in the kitchen. The pandemic has forced a lot of people to spend a lot of extra time at home, which has created many new budding chefs. It’s fun to learn new skills like baking fresh bread, putting together a killer four-course dinner and whipping up delicious desserts 🎂.  

You may be just learning your way around saucepans and supper plans or you may have years of experience with home cooking, but either way, you need the inspiration to create gourmet delights. 

Pipes and bowls aren’t just found in the kitchen. Use the ones for your greens in order to help inspire you to make a fabulous meal for one or a tasty spread for the family. Glass smoke bowls can help lead you to get out the mixing bowls. Bon appetit! 

Keeping Your Pipes Clean

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While using glass pipes are fun, not many understand why or how to clean pipe resin.

Remember that it’s important to keep your inspirational equipment clean so that you get optimal performance every time. If you’re unsure how to do that, keep in mind it’s easy to learn how to get resin out of a pipe or how to clean glass bowls

Once you get on board with the joys of having a smokers box subscription, you will quickly learn the art of the best way to clean a pipe, including one hitters and chillums. Keeping your smoke supplies clean and ready to go will give you more time to stoke the inspirational fires that allow you to express your creative side.

Show Your True Colors in 2021

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We are all coming off a year like no other. 2020 had a lot of negative and difficult times but remember that great creative works of art often come out of times of strife. Whatever creative side you have spent months or years honing, don’t let the pandemic kill it off. 

If you are new to wanting to become creative, let the new year sweep you up in developing this side of you! Me Time Box smokers subscription box gives you the tools you need to help inspire creativity and assist your inner artist in getting out. 

We offer everything from smoking glass bowls to chillums, RAW cones, rolling papers, and more to help you enjoy your leaf. Our discreet monthly shipping allows you to forget the dreary greyness of our current world and make it colorful! 🌈

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