Stopping Breakouts: Use CBD for Acne

Use CBD for Acne Like CBD Bath Bombs And Hemp Oil Serum.

Most of you may prefer using natural alternatives to achieve healthy, young-looking skin. That is why CBD for skin care is becoming a popular trend with different CBD oil beauty products available in the market, like CBD bath bombs and hemp oil serum. 

Given the potential CBD skin benefits, you may wonder: can it prevent acne? Available data suggests that CBD may help manage acne and other skin conditions. In the following article, we present how it does so and how you can choose the best CBD for skin care.  

CBD: Basic Things You Must Know

CBD is a compound prevalent in hemp plants. Extracted as a powder, it is mixed with hemp oil, coconut oil, olive oil, and other types of oil to improve application and efficacy. 

Using CBD in skin care is an organic solution as the compounds are found in plants. However, there are different strengths that CBD products come in so it’s always better to consult a dermatologist before using CBD for skin care. 

CBD vs Acne

A common inflammatory skin condition, acne causes clogged pores, pimples, whiteheads, and blackheads. Research suggests that CBD can help treat acne. For instance, a 2014 study examined the effects of CBD on human sebocytes — the cells responsible for creating sebum. Results showed that the compound may help inhibit these cells from secreting too much sebum.

Researchers also noted the anti-inflammatory effects of CBD, helping prevent the activation of inflammatory cytokines. Given that cytokines can cause acne, reducing them may help you stop breakouts.

A review conducted in 2016 also noted the antibacterial and antifungal properties of cannabis plants. These effects may prevent skin infections and other pollutants. While current research on CBD’s effectiveness on the skin looks promising, more clinical trials are needed to explore CBD beauty benefits.

CBD vs Wrinkles and Aging

CBD may help prevent wrinkles and aging with its antioxidative properties. When there is an imbalance between free radicals and antioxidants in your body, oxidative stress happens. This oxidative stress can cause skin aging. 

A 2020 review emphasized the antioxidative and anti-inflammatory effects of CBD. Thus, by inhibiting damage in free radicals and reducing inflammation, CBD oil beauty products, including CBD cream and hemp oil serum, can help prevent wrinkles and skin dullness. A 2005 study also found oxidative stress in patients with acne. Given CBD’s antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, it can help treat acne and other skin conditions. 

CBD vs Sensitive Skin

Even if you have sensitive skin, you can still use CBD. A 2019 review showed that CBD may help manage common symptoms of skin problems, like itching and dryness. With its soothing properties, CBD can help calm your skin and reduce problems caused by sensitive skin, like redness, rashes, and reactivity. It is also best to seek advice from your dermatologist to ensure a proper CBD oil and skincare routine.

How To Choose the Best CBD Skin Care

To help you choose the best CBD for skin care, we’ve provided some tips, including the things you need to look for in a CBD product:

  1. Pick CBD products coming from non-GMO hemp. Choose high-quality CBD products that follow CO2 extraction methods. 
  2. Verify whether the CBD product has available third-party lab results online. You can usually see the certificate of analysis (COA) on the brand’s official website. The COA should show the CBD content and prove that the CBD oil product does not have harmful contaminants.
  3. See if the product label matches the COA. The best CBD products should indicate similar CBD content in their product labels and COA. 
  4. Choose CBD skin care with stable packaging. These topical CBD products shouldn’t be exposed to excessive light or air as their efficacy will be affected.
  5. Learn the difference between CBD isolate, full-spectrum CBD, and broad-spectrum CBD products.

CBD isolates contain pure CBD, which means you can maximize its health benefits. Full-spectrum CBD has all compounds, including the mind-altering THC. Broad-spectrum CBD also contains all compounds, except THC. Knowing their differences helps you see which one fits best for you.

Key Takeaways

Based on our discussion above, you can incorporate CBD in your skin care routine given its potential benefits, including reducing acne, preventing skin aging, and managing sensitive skin. However, further studies have to be conducted to prove how effective it is on human skin. Seeking help from your dermatologist is also crucial before purchasing topical CBD products. Check out our site to know more about CBD’s effects on other skin problems.

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