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learn how to clean a one hitter, cleaning your glass chillums, how to scrape a one hitter, unclogging a chillum from Me Time Box Products, home of the free glass pipe.
How do you clean a one hitter? A one hitter will fill with resin after you have used if for a while, clogging it and making it unsightly. Carefully use a lighter to heat the outside of the bowl to soften the resin and use an unfolded paperclip to scrape your glass one hitter. Do the same with the stem of the pipe making sure to be careful around the mouthpiece so you do not chip your one hitter. You can also boil your one hitter in a soft boil or immerse your glass pipe in isopropyl rubbing alcohol to clean your one hitter. Make sure to keep some strong soap around to wash your hands too.

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A glass one hitter or stone chillum is a fantastic addition to your smoking pipe collection. Smoking a one hitter is inconspicuous andΒ provides for a quick smoke.Β 

Learn how to smoke a one hitter with the wide variety of styles and designs Me Time offers. Using a one hitter for concerts, out door festivals or family events makes them an essential addition. Packing a one hitter with each of your favorite types of medicine means you are ready to go for the day.

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