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5 Ways to Mentally Defeat Negative News

Focus on good news and not negative news by using a smoking subscription box from Me Time Box Products.
You can’t avoid the news, however you can reevaluate how much you let occupy your mind. Think about the number of hours a day you spend taking in the latest virus statistics, polling numbers, and other stories that are often repetitive in nature and just drag you down. 

What’s With The Crazy Smoke Pipe Lingo? Glass Pipes Explained

Spoon pipe? One hitter quitter? Learn glass pipe and smoking slang and lingo
There is all of this slang, jargon, lingo, or whatever you want to call it, having to do with smoke pipes. Here are some of the most used slang terms associated with pipes that many people may be unfamiliar with, having to do with smoke pipes. Including one of the most confusing, one hitter quitter.

The Smoke Shop "Experience" vs Browsing in Your Undies

Being able to shop for smoke pipes online is so much better than having to walk into a head shop.
Once, shopping for anything, especially smoke pipes, was more easily done inside a store. You would be able to inspect bongs for cracks, compare one hitters, ask questions and have more variety inside a head shop. But, that has changed. Elite online stores and advanced technology allow for great customer service, easy comparison of pipes and even wider variety of products available.

Joint Rolling Pro: Learn How to Roll in 5 Easy Steps

The definitive Step by Step Guide on How to Roll a Joint

Nothing is more embarrassing when you are sitting with a bunch of friends and it's time to pass the ceremonial herb, but not a soul knows how to roll.

Start practicing to roll right now with these 5 steps and become a joint rolling professional that will have your friends praising your skills. Not only will you feel proud of your accomplishment, but you can bet that you get invited to more events with your new skillset.

Smoking Guide: How to Properly Use RAW Cones with Filter Tips

If you have not tried RAW cones with the RAW tips, you do not know what you are missing from your smoke session. A Me Time Products smoke subscription box often come with a pack of cones.
Once you learn how to roll a cone with a RAW paper tip, you will question why you ever used a roach clip. Read our Pro Guide to Rolling a Fat Cone with Tips.

Smoking Guide: Learn How To Use A Bong

Learn How To Use A Bong from Me Time Box Products, top-rated smoking subscription box

Need tips on how to use a bong? Me Time Box Products not only provides the highest quality bongs on the market, but also instructions and tips on how to use our glass smoking pipes.

By adding water to the bottom of your bong you will now have a filter that catches a lot of the larger particles and toxins in the smoke which will provide a cleaner hit. This blog article clearly explains how to clear a bong and some other great tips to make the most of your Me Time Box Products.

Smoking Guide: How To Use A Glass Bubbler

A glass water bubbler is a great addition to any smoke pipe collection, but you need to know how to smoke a bubbler properly.
Once you have mastered the perfect amount of water, the artisan glass bubbler will be one of your favorite glass pieces. A glass water pipe like a bubbler can be the most exquisite piece in your entire glass pipe collection. For many people they are intimidating, but once you know how to use one they offer a great way to get the filtered refreshing smoke like you can get from a bong.

Smoking Guides: How to Clean A Glass Pipe or One Hitter

How to clean a glass smoking pipe, using rubbing alcohol to clean a glass pipe

Need to learn how to clean a glass pipe with standard household items? Look no further with this handy guide from Me Time Box Products.


  • Paperclip Poking Method
  • Solvent + Salt Method
  • Boil the Glass Pipe