The Pros and Cons Between Silicone and Glass Pipes

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When you’re ready to enjoy a refreshing smoke session with your favorite CBD herbs, you probably often find yourself in the mood to use a pipe. 

One of the joys of being a CBD flower fan is collecting pipes in a variety of colors, sizes, and designs. Two of the most popular kinds of pipes are made from either silicone or glass. 

If you have both glass and silicone pipes to choose from, you may wonder what the difference is between them. We’ve broken down the basics to help you understand all about these two fantastic and popular types of pipes.

The Durability Factor

Glass pipes have a higher risk of breaking. The thicker the glass, the sturdier 💪 the pipe, so keep that in mind when shopping for one. As beautiful as many glass pipes can be, the ones made from thin glass tend to break more quickly.

If you have a history of breaking pipes, you may be throwing away a lot of money 💲 by constantly replacing them. 

Even cracks in your glass pipe can make it dangerous to smoke from them, so be careful when considering if you might be able to salvage one. Typically, once a glass pipe is damaged or broken, it’s time to toss it out. 

Pipes made from silicone offer a sturdier material that is more resistant to breakage. Think about the tough factor kitchen supplies like pots, pans, and bakeware made from silicon offer. 

This applies to silicone pipes, too, which makes them last a long time. They are easier to transport 🚙 since you don’t have to pack them as carefully as those made from glass.

If you find a really cool silicone pipe that might be a little on the pricey side, consider that you may not have to replace it as often as a glass pipe. This can save money in the long run.

The Difference in Cleaning Methods

Keeping both silicone and glass pipes clean is an important part of being a pipe owner. Remember that getting into the habit of regularly cleaning your pipes means they provide strong, smooth hits time after time. They will also enjoy a longer lifetime when cared for on a schedule. 

Silicone pipes can be cleaned in a variety of ways, but it’s best to avoid abrasive cleaning agents, as they tend to damage the material. You can clean silicone pipes using water 🌊, dishwashing liquid, and even tossing them in the dishwasher.

Avoid using tougher cleaners like isopropyl alcohol, aka rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, and salt 🧂 on silicone pipes. These items will cause damage to the porous nature of silicone, making it swell or bend out of shape. 

You can use isopropyl alcohol and salt to clean a glass pipe because glass stands up to abrasive cleaners better than silicone. You can also boil a glass pipe with stubborn stains in water. 

You can use certain common items to clean both silicone and glass pipes. This includes cotton swabs, pipe cleaners, and paper towels.

Other Advantages of Glass Pipes 

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Many people swear by glass pipes, choosing them above all other types when they engage in a smoke sesh 💨. Fans of glass pipes cite the smooth, rich hits they get from them time after time, and how easy the maintenance is. 

Glass also provides a wealth of creative pipes, many made by glass artists 🎨 who create one-of-a-kind pieces. It’s fun to shop for and show off handblown glass pipes, especially those with unique and engaging designs on them. 

Glass water pipes come with percolators that help provide robust hits that really show off the power of CBD flowers. Percolators are said to work best when made from glass and are also quite stain-resistant. 

More Reasons to Love Silicone Pipes

Fans of silicone pipes often point to how easy it is to make the switch from glass to this kind. For example, a silicone bubbler pipe is pretty much like a glass one, offering the same awesome water filtration. 

Silicone takes longer to get dirty, meaning you spend less time cleaning this kind of pipe. Because of how silicone is made, the pipes won’t experience the discoloration you sometimes get with glass pipes. 

Which Kind of Pipe for Smoking Is Best?

We don’t believe one type of pipe is better than the other one. You can take our comparisons and see if that helps you develop a preference for one kind over the other.

We recommend you try both kinds and let your experience guide you. Many people don’t make just one choice, instead enjoying both silicone and glass pipes. 

We wish you a happy 😁 investigation and good times enjoying your CBD flowers!

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