The Smoke Shop "Experience" vs Browsing in Your Undies

A smoker’s shop is typically situated in a dark alley or some rundown strip mall. Bartering with the clerks is never any fun either. Don’t worry, in the digital age, they just aren’t necessary anymore.

You can get all sorts of tips on how to make the most of your chillums, bongs and other glass pipes. 


If you have discovered the benefits of that extra special natural plant🌱, good for you😉. It fixes a lot, doesn’t it? It’s a fantastic stress reliever and you never have to worry about that hangover the next morning.

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The Frayed Edges

If you are new to this special circle though, there are some, let’s say, frayed edges. The stigma still lingers, and then there is still the illicit market. The great outdoors is wonderful, but pitching a tent in a campground is not your idea of a vacation like so many of the other enthusiasts you have met.

Shopping for a galss pipe in a head shop just is not that appealing.


Then there are the strip mall smoke shops down the dark alleys. Your nice glass smoke pipe shattered on the floor and now you need a new one. Going into a smoker’s shop is about as appealing as using a gas station bathroom though. However, you’re tough, and so you get done what has to get done.

How Online Stores Changed the Industry

Today, great online smoke shops exist. You can safely search for all the smoking accessories you could need right from your phone and have rolling papers, beautiful hand pipes, water pipes, grinders and all sorts of goodies delivered discreetly to your door.

There are lot of people that have discoverd the benefits of smoking their dry cbd flower out of glass bong..


E-commerce is the way to go, and that probably won’t be changing after we have endured such a challenging time. The digital world has embedded itself deep into societies around the world. We will all become more dependent on working from home, package deliveries, automation, CRM’s, IRC systems, distance learning and all things virtual.

While there are downsides to a virtual world, the convenience of shopping for glass pipes online is undeniable. You don’t have to barter, you can find smoke pipe coupons easily (😉 give skivvies10 a try 😁) and you don’t have to worry about walking into a brick and mortar head shop that seconds as an adult toy store.

Why Brick and Mortar Head Shops are Unappealing

For ages, head shops were the only place to go and buy a pipe. They would get shut down by the authorities regularly and it felt like you were just a step away from some sort of back alley deal. You would take a deep breath before walking into the store, mentally readying yourself to be eyeballed the entire time as a suspected shoplifter. 

The rugs always needed a vacuum. The display cases looked like they hadn’t been windexed in years. The guy working behind the counter didn’t really know anything about what he was selling. He would tell you everything is engineered with laser precision just like perfectly calibrated science equipment. Gee thanks for that. Oh, wait, there is no return policy? All sales final? Please…

Online Tips for Smoking Your Stash

Shopping onlilne is better than ever, and that includes shopping for glass hand pipes and smoking accessories.


A quality online smoke pipe store will also have material to help you make the most of your purchase. You can:

Don’t worry about not knowing how to safely clean your hand pipes, or how to properly smoke a bong. Smokers that have been indulging for decades often don’t know how to do any of these things. Rolling a nice cone shaped joint takes a lot of practice, but that is why they made pre-roll cones.

It’s Easier to Make Smart Shopping Decisions Online than In-Store

Shopping for anything online has gotten a lot better since lockdowns, but nothing is designed like Me Time Box stoner subscription box.


It used to be that making a good shopping decision on a company website was much more difficult than going into the store. People would go to malls and could compare and contrast clothing and other items in all sorts of retail stores.

Product page image galleries make it easy to take a nice close look at the pipe you are considering these days though. You can easily find smoke pipe reviews online as well. You can easily compare pipes too.

All the things that used to be a limitation of shopping online vs in-person shopping, have improved to a point that it’s more difficult to make a smart decision inside a store than online.

The Cons of Shopping Online for Smoke Pipes

Customer service is terrible at head shops, typically, so shopping at an online smoke shop allows you to avoid that jazz.


Unfortunately, many of the online stores aren’t much better. Their sites looked like they were designed 10 years ago, links are broken and the customer service stinks. Cheap pipes made with thin glass and not wrapped properly arrive at your door broken already. The convenience of shopping for bongs online loses its value quickly.

Me Time Box Products takes pride in setting itself apart from the rest of the online stores. Our curated smoke subscription boxes are full of high quality smoking accessories wrapped up well for a safe journey to your home. We make sure our online presence stays tip-top and put customer service before anything else.

Chillums, pre-roll cones, dab rigs and rolling trays are best suited for shipping. There really is no reason to have to walk into a traditional head shop ever again. You can build your collection of beautiful smoke pipes and stay stocked up on RAW rolling papers without having to interrupt your busy day.

The Days of Cheap Elite Glass Smoking are Here!

You can look forward to your online shopping experiences for smoke pipes improving even more.


Stop thinking about shopping for quality colorful pipes and other smoking accessories as some second rate experience. You can expect to have nice bowls delivered to you safely. You will be happy when you unwrap your colorful bubbler.

This awesome plant should allow you to live better, every day. For that to happen, Me Time Box Products is going to make sure you have the best smoke products available. Pipes you can be proud to show off.

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