The Top 10 Gifts for Girls Who Smoke

10 Mindful Gifts for a Special Stoner Girl

Do you know a ganja-girl who loves to indulge in private smoke sessions?

You probably know a female family member who's nickname is Mary Jane, or you def know of a good girlfriend, who enjoys quality time lighting a spliff and listening to Bob Marley. 

Shop the top 10 gifts for girls who smoke weed at Me Time Box Products, home of the cheapest glass pipes, free glass pipe giveaway, and smoking bundles designed for stoner girls!

It doesn't matter if it's your  girlfriend or wife, or a #bongbeauty you want to impress, but you don’t know how to get her attention in a unique way.

A good way to show a woman who smokes that you care about her is to give her a gift that comes from your heart, that has personal meaning.

If you find yourself fresh out of innovative ideas, we have a starting point.

Whether it’s her stoner birthday gift, the holidays, or for no occasion at all, here are 10 fantastic gifts for girls who smoke.

1. Beautiful Glass Pipes

Shop the perfect gift for the stoner girl in your life with these high-quality, cheap glass pipes come in a variety of designs, shapes, and colors from Me Time Box Products, girly smoking bundles and stoner boxes with no subscription!

Even if she already has a pipe or two, every girl wants something shiny and pretty to get excited about.

Influencers and advertisers will have you think jewelry is the only route to take here, but we call bullshit!

This stoner gift for girls is much more budget-friendly and definitely more useful than some bauble, that will spend most of its time hiding in a jewelry box. 

High-quality glass pipes come in a variety of designs, shapes, and colors. When you hand over her gift 🧧, tell her you picked that specific pipe out because it reminds you of the color of her eyes or it’s almost as pretty as she is.

2. Unique Lighters 

Shop unique lighters and torches from our online smokeshop as a top gift for stoner girls at!

In a pinch, any gas station lighter or box of kitchen matches will do, but why not treat her to a fancier lighter?

You know that she'll be forced to think of you every time she lights up, so get her something that makes her smile and shows off some personality!

We sell these refillable cheeky butane torch lighters and add them to a few of our custom stoner bundles.

Many online and in-person smoking accessory shops offer a host of awesome lighters.

They range from old-fashioned metal flip-top lighters for that nostalgic old white dude out-of-touch-with-reality-vibe, or more like what we'd use like a pearl-accented, glow in dark torch with custom hot pink leather embossed trigger.

When you give a girl a special lighter for when she smokes, you are literally subliminally and subconsciously sparking a love flame!

3. CBD Bath Bombs

CBD bath bombs may moisturize the skin and reduce pimples while providing a relaxing experience making this a relaxing choice for the stoner girl gift. Shop more gifts for girls who smoke at!

Every girl likes to set aside some time to relax and pamper herself.

If she hasn’t yet explored the world of CBD products, take her hand and walk her through the doorway.

CBD products offer a variety of soothing and invigorating advantages to using them.

Give the stoner girl you want to impress a CBD bath bomb and let her soak in the fun of using them.

If you want to introduce a little intimacy, draw the bath for her, light some candles, place her stash of favorite herbs by the tub, and leave her to it.

Maybe you'll get an invite? If not, don't worry she's planning her formal thank you that you're going to love a bit later.

We are partial to Sugar and Kush CBD variety 3-pack (no affiliate links here, we just like it). This includes three phenomenal scents: vanilla cupcake, pink rose swirl, and lavender swirl. 

4. Smell Proof Pouches and Travel Bags

If you are looking for stoner gift ideas for girls, check out this guide from Me Time Box Products, the online head shop specializing in gifts for girls who smoke, based in Sarasota, FL.

Girls who smoke usually have a good selection of accessories but don’t always have a convenient way to store them.

Let the search begin for a handy pouch or smell proof containers that will hold things like rolling papers, prerolled cones, glass chillum pipes, lighters, and a grinder. 

Use things you know about the woman to help you pick out the right gift.

Consider her hobbies, a band she loves, the kind of animal she adores, or her favorite color. There are tons of options out there, so pay attention to her needs and you'll be rewarded with your needs being met, and your cup being filled by the law of abundance!

5. An Adorable, Cheeky Rolling Tray

The Exclusive My Therapist Rolling Tray from MeTimeBox Products makes the perfect gift for a stoner girl with a sense of humor about her smoking habits!

Rolling trays make great gifts and they come in different sizes and shapes. They are often works of art, featuring beautiful photographs, geometric designs, and words of wisdom.

If you’re on vacation, pick up a small souvenir rolling tray to take back as a present for your favorite gal pal.

It’s good to have a few trays handy when you need to grab one for an impromptu smoke session.

Even if the stoner girl you’re shopping for already has a few rolling trays, they are multi-functional.

She can keep things like house keys, jewelry, or spare change on one. 

Fun Fact: Rolling trays are actual functional ashtrays, so if she does have another, it can graduate to ash catching tray!

6. Smokey Eyeshadow 

Smokey eye never fails to leave a strong visual impact and every girl loves to put on makeup and be pretty. Add the smokey eyeshadow with a gift bundle for the stoner girl in your life.

This one may sound a little out there but we’ve seen it go over well, even though she can't use it to enjoy the session directly.

Women who love make-up can’t resist checking out new shades of lipstick or blush.

Get a jump on her next purchase by investigating eyeshadow choices. 

The “smokey eye” look fits your stoner girl's mood at least one day out of the week, so look for shades that reflect that in their name or palette choices.

If you need a little assistance, just google it.

You’ll score bonus points for creativity when she opens your gift and you tell her you thought she might want to have that sultry and seductive smokey eye look, when she’s passing you the joint.

7. Scented Candles

Scented candles fill the room with a pleasing aroma as they burn, helping to mask the smell of weed smoke which makes it the perfect gift for a stoner girl. Read more at

Aromatherapy helps everyone feel more relaxed and happier. If your #ganjagirl smokes inside her castle, then a candle is the perfect masking agent for when the sesh is over.

Many women enjoy candles with scents in the floral and food families, while others prefer nature scents, such as the ocean or mountain air.

If she's really intro the earth, incense or oils may be a keener choice to help put her connect with Gaia

An added bonus of a scented candle is that it can help mask the odor left behind after a smoke session. 

8. Become her Kitchen Witch

Serve up a sultry and delicious meal with a girly glass pipe packed with her favorite strains. Learn the other 9 gift ideas for stoners here at, home of the best gifts for girls who smoke.

Invite your favorite girl over for a smoking session for two. 

Despite deciding on a smoking session for your girl at home, trying to roll a joint on your own can be tedious and disastrous.

Instead, you can buy some high-quality RAW cones from trusted smoking accessory stores with zero hassles to easily stuff the preroll cone.

So, how do you go about it?

Simple. Place an order for a RAW smoking bundle online and you should get things done without breaking a sweat.

After you enjoy your greens, give her the gift of a homemade treat that you created in the kitchen (or at least pulled out of the fridge in the kitchen). 

After putting your favorite bong or those stuff RAW rolling cones to good use, who doesn’t love fresh-baked cookies 🍪 or something else warm from the kitchen?

When you cook for a stoner girl, you are letting her know her happiness is on your mind.

9. Create a Playlist

Find your favorite songs or albums to create to your playlist and share them with your stoner girl as a heart-felt way to show her you care. Read more gift ideas for girls who smoke at, stoner boxes with no subscription required!

Put together a playlist of songs to listen to, particularly when she’s enjoying her greens.

Keep in mind if this girl likes modern-day divas, old-school country, obscure alternative bands, or a healthy mix of everything.

Share your Sing & Smoke playlist and let her know she’s special. 

10. Be Her Smoke Butler

Catering to the girl who smokes weed is always a fashionable gift for a stoner girl. Read the other gift ideas at, home of the free glass pipe bowl offer and the cheapest glass pipes online.

Set a date for a smoke session with her.

Tell her she won’t have to lift a finger.

Take care of all the pre-smoke duties, like using the grinder, rolling the herbs, or loading the pipe.

Make sure you keep the lighter ready, so she doesn't even risk chipping her nail polish.

The only time she has to lift a hand is when she takes the refreshing drink you made for her.

That's a Wrap!

With this list of the top 10 ideas for the stoner girl in your life, you now that the tools to manifest a perfect smoke session with any woman who smokes.

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