The Work, Effort & Materials That Go Into A Free Glass Pipe

The free glass pipe giveaway from Me Time Box Products does have a cost to us, but we want you to benefit.There are tens of thousands of glass blowers in the United States that make everything from scientific glass measuring tools, art, and of course glass smoking pipes like we offer here at Me Time Box. They don’t make much money each year on average but they take their craft seriously and see themselves as true artists. However, unlike your typical painter or poet, the genius behind Me Time Box glass spoon pipes, one hitters, bongs, glass water pipes and rigs, uses torches that reach between 1,600 and 1,900 °F. They sculpt with molten red hot glass that can burn them, shatter on them and the flames from the torches can scorch their retinas.



torches for glass smoking pipes are incredibly hot and it takes intense focus by the glass pipe maker not to harm themselves

Making and cleaning a one hitter, a heavy glass smoking pipe, artisan glass chillum, glass bong from Me Time Box Products, home of the free glass pipe.A seasoned glass blower can make a one hitter, a nice artisan one hitter, in about 15 minutes or so. But, they better know what they are doing first. The materials they use are not cheap and their ability to make a lot of quality glass pipes in a short period of time dictates a lot about their financial futures. It sometimes boggles my mind that we ever came up with the idea of free glass pipe in the first place when I think about it. To only have to pay shipping and handling for a hand blown glass pipe that has been thickened with frit to make it more durable and colorful, is the deal of a lifetime.

Blowing a glass smoking pipe, how to make a glass spoon pipe, how to make a one hitter, smoking out of a bowl from Me Time Box Products, home of the free pipe frenzy.Just to give you an idea of what exactly it takes to make these heavy glass blown smoking pipes, allow me to give you a short preview. First, a glass blower needs an industrial torch that costs $500 and up. They need a regular supply of both oxygen and propane to fuel their torch, which is not cheap either. They need pyrex glass rods and tubing of all sizes and colors which costs many thousands of dollars each month. They also need specialized tools such as graphite marver pads, graphite paddles and reamers. They need a bowl push, specialized tweezers, claw clamps and of course safety goggles so they don’t go blind. 

making and cleaning a glass pipe, the me time free pipe giveaway, how hard is it to make a glass smoking pipe, artisan one hitter pipe from Me Time Box Products, home of the free pipe frenzy. Blowing beautiful durable glass pipes that can become any smokers lifelong companion is simply dangerous. It takes an intent focus to not waste supplies or harm themselves or others. To create the beautiful multicolor spirals in a glass bowl takes learning how to make something called lattachino, which is painstaking, but worth it to make their art. I have not even mentioned the kiln yet. All the pipes need to be placed in, basically, a baking oven called a kiln that costs $500 or more. A close examination of a freshly made heavy glass pipe will identify imperfections. Now the glass blower must take the time to use hand torches to polish the glass to create the smooth pipe that sits comfortably in your hand.


Why in the world then would we give away these glass pipes for free? Well, we have mentioned it before. For too long our medicine has been looked down upon and ridiculed. Smokers have an unfair stigma attached to them and that must come to an end. Prohibition will end soon, and when it does, all of the beauty of our medicine will become apparent to the world, including the craft of making quality smoking pipes. Glass is simply the perfect medium for making smoking pipes, which makes it much easier for maintenance and cleaning a glass pipe. They do not get hot when you smoke them and they even change color as we smoke them and the smooth feel of a bong, water pipe or bowl is comforting.



Smoking out of a cracked glass pipe doesn't make sense. Lots of artisans blow beautiful glass pipes and Me Time Box Products is the home of the glass pipe giveaway, just pay shipping.

Even if you already have a glass pipe, it can't hurt to have another and if your glass pipe has an imperfection and you are wondering if smoking out of a cracked glass pipe is safe, just don't risk it. Go ahead, take advantage of our free pipe giveaway knowing that you are part of the effort to normalize consumption. If your glass spoon pipe breaks, well it is glass and no matter how thick we make it, the pipe will still be made out of glass. If it arrives broken, just let us know by taking a picture of the unused glass pipe and email it to us. We will happily send you a new glass pipe at no additional cost. But most of all, appreciate the effort and time of these glass pipe artists. Appreciation for art means we are taking one step closer to achieving the most out of our Me Time.

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