2021 Is The Year to Focus on Wellness

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2020 proved to be a year no one could have predicted. COVID-19 impacted individuals, families, communities and the entire world. Much has been written about the loss of jobs, the difficulties of quarantining, and the people who were lost to such a horrible virus. What you don’t see much about is the idea of how to move forward in the new year.

While we can’t wash away the bad memories that came out of last year, we can look to the future and understand that we are not powerless. 2021, like any year, may bring events and situations we cannot control, but also like any other year, we still have an infinite capacity to steer our ships 🚢 in the direction we want to go. 

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If you already know how enjoying your greens 💨 can help you with reducing anxiety and elevating your mood, then you know how important it is to have good supplies. Finding what you need is more complicated with quarantining rules but even before that, shopping locally limited you to what one small store has in stock.

A smoking subscription box provides you with regular additions to your inventory, which can include glass smoke bowls, RAW cones, bubblers, one hitters, grinders and so much more. If you are new to using greens to add levity and positive vibes ☮ to your life, smoker subscription boxes will give you a chance to explore lots of ways to enjoy your goodies. 

It simplifies your life to shop from the safety of your home and know that each month you will have what you need and what you didn’t even know you need delivered in discreet packaging to your front door each month. We even ship internationally!

You Are What You Eat

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Plenty of people habitually reach for junk food 🍔 and quick-fix meal ideas that are high on taste but low on nutrition. 2020 provided an unexpected upside in that millions of people moved out of the fast-food drive-thru lane and snack aisles in the grocery store and into their kitchens. Baking from scratch and creating homemade meals that feature natural ingredients became a habit for many. 

When you get out your glass smoke bowl and enjoy your greens, you may find yourself inspired to get in the kitchen and create nutritional snacks and meals that make a difference in how you feel and up your energy level. Remember that healthy doesn’t have to mean food that doesn’t taste good. Look for recipe books and dietary plans that focus on goals and long-term health, rather than fad diets.

Exercise Your Rights

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Getting regular exercise 🏃 is one of the best ways to achieve and maintain optimal health. It strengthens your body, keeps your heart healthy, gives you energy, and helps improve mood disorders like depression and anxiety. 

A year ago, most people thought of an exercise routine as involving joining a gym or signing up for a class. Quarantining due to the pandemic made that difficult, but the internet has gifted the world with myriad options to get exercise without leaving your home. 

You can investigate choices like aerobics, yoga, weight training, and using home gym equipment. There are videos for people who want to work out on their own or who want to feel part of a virtual class. 

Getting out in the sun to work out still provides you with ways to get moving and feel better. Running, walking and bicycling 🚴 can be done just about anywhere. Parks and open fields offer people the ability to social distance while still getting in their exercise. Even your neighborhood streets and sidewalks give you a way to get out and move around. 

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Be Mindful of Your Mental Health 

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The Coronavirus took its toll on more than just the physical health of millions. Cases of depression and anxiety skyrocketed as people tried to cope with not only their usual daily problems but also a world in chaos. Normally, we reach out to friends and family to help us deal with our internal emotional struggles, but that proves difficult when so many others are in similar boats.

Each new year offers a chance to wipe the slate clean and start anew. If you feel mired in negative thoughts and emotions, remember that you have options to get help. If getting out to appointments with a therapist is difficult now, take advantage of how many treatment professionals offer telehealth appointments. You can seek help over your computer 💻 or telephone and get support in improving your mental health.

Another great resource for a natural way to turn lows in to highs is using greens. If you are new to this approach, forget the Negative Nellies who try to warn you with outdated stereotypes about something they don’t understand. Too many people rely on pills and alcohol in an attempt to alter their moods without exploring other options that don’t have a lot of downsides.

Try a smoker box subscription to help you get in the swing of things. We provide a steady supply of high-quality items like pipes, bowls, bongs, chillums and rolling papers. Pack your new favorite glass smoke bowl and feel your mood change. You can enjoy your leaf with like-minded friends by hosting a virtual smoke session.

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Make 2021 a Year of Wellness

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Despite the pandemic, we are not powerless. We have the agency to take control of important things like our diets, exercise routines, and mental health. Add a smoking subscription box to your plan and see what a positive change it makes! 😊

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