Unique Glass Pipes: If Only I Had Known!

It’s a whole new world! Perceptions are changing across the country, even across the planet. What was once controversial is becoming normal, including smoke pipes, bongs, rolling papers and all of the fun smoking accessories that make our sessions so much more enjoyable.

It's a whole new world and that means all of that have been enjoying our smoke sessions in the shadows can now come out.


We all love the fine dishes, stemware, jewelry, and clothing that give us our unique style. Why wouldn’t we feel that way about glass pipes too? It’s time for all of us to find the unique glass pipes that suit who we are!

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Oh My! That Unique Glass Pipe is So You….

Ladies, have you ever tried on that perfect dress? Fellas, have you ever tried on that perfect jacket? You know what I am talking about. That article of clothing that just felt right. It was beautiful, or handsome, (whatever your preference) and you just had to have it!


You should be able to shop for the perfect water smoke pipes, chillums and glass pipe bowls just like you do for clothing and dishes.


Well, when it comes to handblown glass pipes, smokers feel the same way. Some enthusiasts have spent their whole life looking in smoke shops and head shops trying to find that piece that called to them. Some, never find it.

They want a pipe that they know their eyes will linger on even after they have owned it for a long time. A pipe that they will take care of and preserve above any pipe they have owned before. A glass bowl they are proud to hand off to friends during puff puff pass sessions. If you own one such glass bowl, you can be proud of yourself. And, for smokers, keeping these bowls as clean is as important as owning them. So, here’s how to clean glass bowls.

What makes glass so great is that blowers can get really creative. There are outrageous pipes that cost a hundred thousand dollars. That is just overboard! Smokers are not looking for the Ferrari of bongs or the Maybach of chillums. They want a reasonably priced glass pipe they can relate to, that’s it.

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Think about your home or your office. Look around at the decor you have selected. Look out the window at your car in the driveway. Look at your wardrobe. You know who you are. Why wouldn’t you want unique pipes that match the rest of your tastes? A tasteful glass pipe might be just what you need to make it all fit into place. Besides, owning a one, getting to know the best way to clean glass pipe should come in handy to keep it all-new.

What Your Smoke Pipe and Your Dog Have in Common

Your Pipe Will End Up Looking Like Your Dog

You know that expression about dogs looking like their owners, or vice versa? If you think about it, it makes sense. People pick dogs that fit into their tastes in life. The dog doesn’t just match the owner, it matches the shades of paint in the house and the furniture too. Nobody likes anything that clashes.

You mind yourself selecting glass pipes that remind you a lot of your dog.


Guess what? When you find the right glass pipe for you, it’s going to match your dog as well. Seriously, you might pick a nice thick black hand pipe with a white stripe. Then you look over at your beautiful burner and think, “huh?”

You find a unique glass chillum pipe that will match your fish tank.


If you are a cat person, sorry. Just kidding! Cat’s are great and all the same applies to them. Have a salt-water fish tank full of exotic fish and coral? Guess what? It’s part of your home decor too, and you will find that your bongs and water pipes remind you a lot of your fish tank. You might even think about dropping a colorful glass pipe in the tank to see who ends up moving in. 

Get a glass pipe for smoking that uniquely matches your fish tank if you want.

 Best Friend

Not only does finding the right smoking accessories end up syncing with the rest of your lifestyle, but like your dog, they can become your best friend. When people finally discover that smoke sessions are allowing them to live life better everyday, then lighting up your bowl becomes something you count on to help with the stresses of life. It’s a lot like the comfort your puppies bring you.

Bathing Your Glass Bongs and Your Pets

Finally, just like your pets need a bath from time-to-time, so do your glass pieces. It will become part of your routine. Cleaning a bong or a one hitter is essential to keep your smoke sessions enjoyable.

Click the link to learn how to clean a one-hitter.

And, here you go if you want to know how to clean resin out of pipe.

The Pandora of Smoking Subscription Boxes has a Special Treat Waiting for You!

You have heard of Pandora’s box, right? In the story, bad stuff comes out of the box when Pandora opens it. At one point in time, a lot of people would have thought that a smoking subscription box like the Me Time Box would be full of bad things. We now know that is the furthest thing from the truth.

A MeTimeBox smoking subscription box is full of lot of great smoking accessories including the smoke pipe you have been waiting for.


Interested in buying a MeTime Box subscription?

Opening these smoker boxes is a great deal of fun. They have all sorts of beautiful chillums, water pipes, rolling papers, perfectly crafted grinders and much more. The best part is that they are different every time. Everything in a smoker's subscription box is unique so that you can get really excited about it arriving at your doorstep discreetly.

So, you might open your next MeTime Box and find that resting inside is the smoke pipe of your dreams. It’s hard to find the right pipe, so maybe your best bet is just to let fate decide for you!

Why Didn’t I See It Before!

You might be wondering, why have I never thought of this before? It’s true, if you are a fan of smoke sessions, then why wouldn’t you have done more by now to build a collection of the perfect smoke pipes for you? Well, the answers to that question are not hard to find.

There is nothing wrong with having a classy set of glass smoking pipes.

Stigmas surrounding glass smoking accessories have been prevalent for the last few generations. People have been embarrassed to showcase their collection of bubblers, chillums and decorative glass hand pipes. 

Also, it has not been easy to find a quality smoke shop for decades. They are hidden in remote corners and look shady for the most part. Not to mention the fact, the people running those smoke shops are always trying to rip people off. It’s why it’s important to find the best online smoke shop for all of your smoking needs. 

Are you familiar with Hallusions? Technically, they are called random-dot stereograms. They look like a series of random dots or patterns that are often pretty all by themselves. But then, if you refocus your eyes, you see that there is an image hidden within the pattern of dots. Can you see the fish?

You may just have to change your perspective on smoking glass pipes too.


Perhaps, you never understood that having a nice collection of unique bongs would be worth it, because you have just been looking at this from the wrong perspective all along.

What Makes a Glass Smoke Pipe Unique Anyways?

Now, it is time for the Million Dollar Question! What makes a smoke pipe unique anyways?

Well, you can get a pink smoke pipe for your girlfriend. You could get a thick dark pipe for your boyfriend. Obviously, those pipes are unique to them, but that needs no explanation.

You need to think about your unique circumstances. Do you move around a lot? Then, you need a small portable bong. Are you a little clumsy? Then you better get a bong with a real solid base or a triple blown glass pipe. Do you only smoke a little at a time? Then a classy chillum is probably what you are looking for.

Glass blowers can get pretty creative with their smoking pipes. They can add in all sorts of colorful accents to a pipe. If you like bright colors, then get yourself a colorful bong. Blowers can add cute glass knobs that not only look pretty, but also helps with your grip on the pipe or keeps it from rolling off a table.  

Glass bubblers can be some of the most beautiful smoke pipes you can find.


Water pipes use water filtration to cool down the smoke. One hitters are for short discreet personal sessions. A glass hand pipe is somewhere in the middle and is the go-to for smokers. But, they can all come with beautiful decorations depending on what you are looking for.


Times have changed, and if you have changed with them, then a beautiful unique glass pipe is just waiting for you. Take your smoke sessions to a super cool level by finding the glass piece that completes you. Trust me, it’s worth it.

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