How to use RAW Cones with Filter Tips (Oh the Joy!)

Roll a Perfect RAW Cone with a Filter Tip

If you have been a legal dispensary and purchased a pre-rolled joint, it definitely came with a paper filter tip at the end of the J.

Not only does the paper filter tip act as a handy holding spot, you can smoke it down to the paper (don't be wasteful).

Learn how to roll a joint using RAW filter tips to roll a perfect cone, only from Me Time Box Products! 

If more people tried RAW Cones instead of still rolling joints, it may be a mind blowing experience for them.

Rolling Cones with filter tips are easy to pack, easy to pass, and smoke really well.



  • RAW Cones are still RAW Rolling Papers + Filter Tips
  • You pack RAW cones instead of rolling them
  • The RAW cones come made with filter tips built in
  • Add RAW rolling filter tips to joints or hemp wraps
  • Filter tips are made with paper or it's glass filter tip
  • There are different RAW Cones sizes and types

    Times are changing faster these days than they used to. As an example, many more of us now have access to plant medicine we have craved for so long. Access to mj has also brought other changes, like how we consume it.

    Some of us still love using a unique glass pipe or smoking a joint.

    Others are using vape pens and eating edibles all of the time.

    One of the newest additions that a lot of people are still unfamiliar with are RAW cones.

    Rolling joints is an important tradition. It’s so ingrained into our culture that it may be one of those things where people think, if it’s not broken then don’t fix it.

    But, when legalization happened, people became introduced to the prerolled joint.


    You can walk into a dispensary and buy a pre rolled cone already packed with a gram or more and have an excellent smoking experience.

    Super easy, right? It made a lot of people think, rolling a quality joint that smokes this well is actually quite challenging and can waste my stash. Why wouldn't I keep smoking these?

    RAW Cones are Not Too Different than Rolling Papers

    Raw rolling papers are made from hemp and are excellent for smoking joints, but the act of rolling a joint is challenging for many smokers which is why RAW Cones are so popular now.

    The first thing to know is that preroll cones are made with the same rolling papers you are used to rolling joints with.

    RAW cones are simply already rolled into a cone for you, and typically come with a filter tip already in the narrow end meant for your mouth.

    So, let’s not make this over complicated. When you smoke a RAW cone, it’s a lot like smoking a joint, except it sort of fans out at the top in what makes a cone shape. They sort of look like spliffs really.

    Raw Cones are made with the same hemp rolling papers you get when you buy RAW Classics except they are already formed into a cone with a filter tip in place.

    Here's The Pros of the RAW Cone:

    ✅ Consistent Air Flow
    ✅ No Wasted Product
    ✅ Under 5 Min Prep
    ✅ Perfect Roll, Every Time
    ✅ No Rolling Skills Needed

    The Cons of Choosing a RAW Cone

    ❌ Fits in Pocket or Purse
    ❌ Cheap Price per Cone

    So, what makes a RAW Cone different from the rolling papers you make joints with? It's the cone shape, the built-in filter tip and how you get your stash inside it. Let’s talk about how you pack a cone.

    You Pack RAW Cones Instead of Roll Them

    How you add your stash into a RAW cone is one of the biggest differences between cones and rolling papers. 

    When learning how to roll a joint, you line the ground flower along the crease of the paper evenly, and then roll it up into a spliff.

    Spinning a joint is challenging, but just like everything, it takes practice to gain mastery.

    Once you're a rolling pro, your stash can be unevenly distributed throughout the joint.

    Here, take a look a this video of an average roller struggling with the typical challenges of rolling.


    It’s also hard to get the paper to roll evenly into the joint and prevent it from just sliding up the other side of the paper.

    Repeated attempts to get the paper to fold in properly so the joint rolls smoothly can result in the paper ripping, some buds falling out, and a whole lot of frustration.

    Enter the RAW Cones with Paper Tip

    With cones most ofthat frustration is gone.

    Like gone forever, gone. There is no rolling.

    Instead, you grind up your flower into the RAW cone filler just like you would for a joint, but now you just pinch it, and drop it into the wide end of the cone. 

    RAW Cones packages come with 6 premade cones with filter tips built-in and a convenient packing tool.

    It slides down to the narrow end of the cone and doesn’t fall out because the built-in filter catches it.

    If you have ever tried to pack a joint, it just never seems to work because it comes out the other end and the paper is just too narrow.

    The RAW Cone Built in Stuffer Straw Tool Thingy

    With a cone, you will find that these long packer tools come with them.

    So, you drop your stash into the cone and then use the packer tool to push it to the bottom and pack it lightly.

    Don’t overpack it or air will not get through. If you discover that you are pulling, the flowers are burning, but you aren't getting any smoke, you stuffed it too much.

    Once you have filled the cone near the top, just pinch the paper together and give it a twist.

    After the prerolled cone is closed, give it a gentle shake to pack any loose flower down, then twist the top again.

    Light it up!

    You Can Get RAW Cones with Tips Already in Them

    When you buy RAW Cones, the filter tip will already be built into the cone at the narrow end, which is very convenient.

    However, you can create your own cones with traditional rolling papers and a pack of RAW paper filter tips.

    Both cones and joints are made with the same kind of papers.

    Having the tips already in the cone is really nice since all you have to do is drop your ground up stash, into the wide end and push it down with the packing tool.

    Add Filter Tips to Joints, Hemp Wraps or Your Own Cones

    Forget about premade cones for a moment.

    Using a filter tip in the joints, hemp wraps or cones you made yourself, has its advantages.

    Filter tips protect your lips and fingertips from getting burnt.

    When smoking an old fashioned joint with no filter, people are always smoking it to the very end not wanting to waste their stash. Just picture Jeff Lebowski sitting in his tub with his roach clip. 

    Lips get burnt that way.

    Fingers have to be adjusted constantly to keep them from getting burnt and to make sure that enough air can get through for a proper hit.

    In the end, there is always some mj at the end that has to get tossed or ripped apart and added to a glass pipe.

    Choose Hemp Filter Tips or a Glass Filter Tip

    Along with the paper filter tips you often find in rolling paper books, built into preroll cones and for sale individually, you have other options as well.

    There are even curved cone tips specifically designed for cones.

    RAW filter tips for cones are biodegradable and help preserve lips, fingertips and your stash of mj.

    For those of us looking to be more conservative both financially and environmentally, glass filter tips are an option as well.

    While we don't sell them individually in our stoner box without a subscription, we do include 1 or 2, depending on the month.

    Just like the paper filter tips, you can use them in the joints, hemp wraps or cones you make. 

    Glass filter tips are reusable and washable.

    Keeping a glass filter tip clean is important and having a proper place to store them is also important or else you will lose them and their long-term value.

    Different RAW Cones Sizes and Types

    RAW really offers a great product line of rolling essentials.

    If you are interested in buying RAW cones, you can get a RAW cones 100 pack, RAW cones lean, King Size RAW Cones, the standard 1 1/4" cones and much more.

    You can get 1.25" RAW Cones or the King Size RAW Cones depending on how much you like to smoke in one session.

    MeTime Box Products is a proud partner with RAW Rolling Products, and we offer a custom RAW rolling bundle with all the goodies, that you won't find elsewhere.

    Don’t get tricked into buying fake RAW cones. They are not all made the same.

    Wrapping it Up, So You Can Roll

    RAW cones might be the best smoke product to hit the market since glass pipes and rolling papers.

    These cones smoke really well and are super easy to pack relative to rolling a joint. 

    Rolling a joint will always be a thing, because it can truly be an art.

    You have surely seen some of the crazy joints talented rollers can whip together. We tried rolling a cross joint, but it's hard!

    Let’s be honest though. Those crazy joints just aren’t practical. They do it for fun. It’s like buying some incredible giant hand blown glass bong. You might use it on occasion, but it’s not your go to, and you know it.

    For a quick, enjoyable, easy-to-use smoke experience, a RAW Cone is undeniably one of the best options, hands down.

    RAW Cones and RAW tips have been around for a while now, but still many smokers have not caught onto how great of a smoking experience they provide. 

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