What Are Raw Cone Tips?

Times are changing faster these days than they used to. Many more of us now have access to the medicine we have craved for so long. Access to mj has also brought other changes like how we consume it. Some of us still love using a unique glass pipe or smoking a joint. Others are using vape pens and eating edibles all of the time.

RAW cones are perfect for a filter in your joints and will make your next session much more enjoyable.When I received my first weed smoker kit, there was a package of RAW Rolling Cones and Raw Cone Tips. I thought to myself, can I just roll a joint please? But, I had no rolling papers so the cones were a must. I now love RAW rolling cones. They remind me of a spliff and the RAW cones smoke great too. I see those prerolls offered at dispensaries and these cones end up looking just like one of them.

I can always go with my handy one hitter, but sometimes I need a nice long session right before I go to bed so that I can get a good night’s sleep. So, I watched some videos on how to use a RAW rolling cone. It’s easy! I don’t think I will ever bother rolling another joint again. I have even started making cones with the rolling paper I when I run out of cones. But, I missed the filters!

RAW all natural hemp papers are great for RAW cone tips so that you can have a filter for your next smoke session.

First off, I never used to put filters in my joints. I love filters now! I get a lot of filters, even glass filter tips, in my Me Time Box Product smoking subscription box. When I run out of the pre-rolled filters, I will even make these terrible filters by tearing the cardboard from the rolling paper packages. Those suck, but they are better than nothing. With the RAW Rolling Cones, the filter is already in the cone so they are ready to go.

I had no idea what the RAW cone tips were to be honest. They looked like nothing useful. Until it dawned on me to read the package. I felt like an idiot. They are RAW cone filter tips. You roll them up into filters, they even have creases to make it roll evenly. You then have a filter tip just like what you find at the bottom of RAW cones. I simply roll the RAW cone tips into the end of the empty paper and let the rest of the paper funnel out. Then I seal the whole paper with the glue strip.

Now I have made my very own cone and I never have to go without one again. It’s amazing that access to our medicine has made smoking so much more efficient. Some people do not know how to use the carb on a glass smoking pipe and I would think, amateurs. Now I feel like I am an amateur. How could I not know how to use so many of these items in my weed smoker kit? I will never look at smoking the same way ever again.