What's a Chillum and 5 Reasons to Use this One Hitter Pipe

What is a Glass Chillum Pipe?

If you've never heard of a glass chillum before, don't worry: you're not alone. It still hasn't hit the mainstream.

Everything you need to know about a glass chillum or one hitter pipe is here in the Me Time Box Product spotlight on chillums.

A chillum, sometimes called a chillum pipe, glass chillum, one hitter, glass one hitter, metal chillum, discreet chillum, or cigarette chillum, is a type of clay or glass pipe used for smoking, that first originated in India.

The practice of using tubular chillums to smoke herbs is believed to have originated in the eighteenth century during the colonial era, but only spread to the western world during the 1960s.

If you already purchased a new chillum or one hitter, here's our guide on how to use a one hitter. 

5 Reasons to Own and Use a Glass Chillum


What is a Chillum and 5 Reasons to Use a Glass Chillum from MeTimeBox Products, free glass pipe, just pay shipping.

The chillum is more than just another way to smoke, but it can be one of your more versatile pieces because of its small stature.

It's such a versatile and simple aparatus, that we include at least 2 in every Me Time Box Products, giving you lots of reasons to try out these 5 reasons to use a chillum.

Reason #1: Chillums are Super Discreet 

The glass chillum or one hitter pipe for smoking is the ideal companion when discretion is required. Read more at MeTimeBox.com

While chillums have been commonplace with smokers around the world for more than sixty years, the vast majority of people still don't know what they are when they see them.

For smokers who are looking to keep things discreet, this is excellent news.

It means that you can carry your chillum or one hitter pipe around with you wherever you go, and people won't immediately recognize what it is.

Some may even ask you what it is, giving you a chance to educate them on the benefits of a more natural lifestyle, and how these types of products help you to enjoy life, every day.

Reason #2: Chillums are Easy to Pack 

The chillum pipe is incredibly easy to pack with it's tubular design. Read more at metimebox.com, home of the best stoner box with free shipping.

Wondering how to pack a glass chillum? It's actually pretty easy.

Most chillums come with a cone shaped bowl end. Just grab your tobacco or medicine and gently stuff it inside the top of the chillum pipe.

The more tightly you pack it, the better, but be careful not to overpack and restrict the airflow. A simple dry pull will let you know if the airflow will be the right amount to get the fullest flavor of your smoke.

Pushing more flowers into the chillum will prevent debris from entering your mouth, but there is an inflection point.

If it's packed too tightly, you won't have a great experience and if it's packed too loose, you might get a mouthful of herbs. Don't think too much about it or get discouraged.

Practice makes perfect, just like everything else in life.

Remember, chillums do not have filters to protect your mouth from burning embers, so best to practice an inhale before it's lit to ensure it has good airflow.

Some one hitters (pictured above) and some dichro glass chillums have a little notch near the end for packing your flower, while restricting hot ash coming through when you drag.

That's always a bonus.


Reason #3: One Hitters are Easy to Clean 

Learning how to clean a one hitter is super easy. Follow this 3 step process from MeTimeBox Products, for a smooth hit every time.

How to clean a one hitter is one of the first questions that people who are new to chillums have. Fortunately, it's relatively easy.

Step 1. Heat the outside of the chillum to soften the hard resin on the interior.

Step 2: Take a paper clip or thin cleaning brush and start cleaning the inside of the bowl until the gum comes off. Be careful not to brush too hard, or you might scratch the material. 

Step 3: Repeat as necessary until you've satisfied your de-gunking. 




Reason #4: Chillums Don't Cost Very Much 

Glass chillums are cheap and easy to replace, making them ideal for throwing into the trash without feeling guilty.

Don't feel like cleaning your glass chillum? No problem.

Just toss it in the trash, because you always get new ones in your Me Time Box and if you don't need a box, we sell a 10 pack of chillums for $25, with free shipping.

Chillums are relatively inexpensive, especially compared to some modern vaporizers and heady glass, so don't feel bad to just toss them in the trash after a few uses or when the resin is so built up that it won't pull air through anymore.

Because they use ancient, but proven, technology, you don't have to buy expensive refills or cartridges.

Just your favorite flower, a chillum, and a flame. Let's keep it simple, right?

What's more, you may not even have to buy your chillum at all. We are always creating new specials for our one hitters, so keep an eye out on our socials for free gift days.

Sometimes we want you to cover the shipping when we giveaway a free glass pipe bowl, other times we just send them out!

Don't fall for potential "giveaway" social media sites Free Pipe Friday or Free Pipe Frenzy, because prey on emotional purchases coaxing you with purchasing overpriced items to "win" something bigger. 


What is a Chillum and 5 Reasons to Use a Glass Chillum from MeTimeBox Products - Chillums are very easy to travel with. Don't fly with weed. It's illegal.


Reason #5: Chillums are Easy to Travel With

Glass Chillum pipes are very easy to travel with, so take a few one hitters and then toss them in the trash before traveling home.

With airport security being what it is, it is not advisable to fly with cannabis, even if it is fully legalized for personal consumption in both your departure and destination state.

If somebody claims they know how to fly with weed, ignore them. Cannabis is still a schedule 1 drug, meaning that it is illegal to take it across state lines.

Chillums, on the other hand, are just glass pipes and a perfectly legal accessory you're free to pack with the rest of your luggage. 

Concluding our Chillum Piece

Buy a glass chillum from MeTimeBox and get free shipping from online headshop, located in sarasota, FL.


Do you need a few chillums for your collection or to toss away after traveling? We always include them in our smoking subscription box.

Give it a try and see why our customers love Me Time Box, especially when you never have to subscribe to enjoy the stoner box.

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