What is a Kief Catcher?

The Kief Catcher at the bottom of an herb grinder is designed to catch and collect the finest herb particles.

We’re finally on the other side of the pandemic and people are happily enjoying hanging out with friends and family again. It’s been so much fun 😁 to get together with our like-minded buddies and have a smoke session to celebrate. 

The pandemic taught us all one thing: Life is too short not to try new things and we should appreciate our time together. If you haven’t tried a kief catcher, now is the time to explore a new way to enjoy your greens!

What Is Kief?

If you’re unsure about what kief is, don’t sweat it. We’re happy to explain everything you need to know about the subject and how adding a kief catcher to your collection may be the right shopping decision for you.

When you grind your dried herbs, kief is the powdery, ultra-fine substance you get from doing so. Some people refer to it as pollen because it has a similar texture to the pollen you see on flowers 🌹. 

The Three Types of Herb Grinders 

The kief catcher is part of an herb grinder. Herb grinders come in three types:

2-parter: This kind has a top and a bottom that both contain teeth-like 🦷 pieces that tear apart the herbs. Everything stays within the singular compartment.

3-parter: This kind has an added chamber on the bottom that catches the herbs as they fall through holes when being shredded. 

4-parter: This kind has another chamber under the one that catches the shredded herbs. This is the kief catcher, sometimes known as the pollen catcher. Using a 4-parter herb grinder provides separation of the regular shredded collection of your herbs and the kief acquired while grinding them.
The top part of an herb grinder often comes in a magnetic material, allowing you to easily pop it on and off. The sections that store the dried herbs and kief screw together. 

These two types of sealing devices help keep your herbs securely stashed away. This helps you avoid a messy situation and makes for easy transport 🚘. 

How To Use a Kief Catcher

The very first time you use a grinder with a kief catcher, you will see a very fine, light dusting of kief in the bottom compartment. After you have used the herb grinder enough times, a sweet kief collection will accumulate. 

When you are ready to open the kief catcher, either to check on how much you’ve got or to use it, make sure you tap the side of the herb grinder at an angle. This pushes the kief to one side and keeps it from spilling out when you open the grinder.

Once you open the kief catcher, you can dump the kief or a portion of it onto a piece of paper 📓, preferably white. You can then form a funnel with the paper and let the kief slide into a bowl or a laid-out rolling paper. 

Only leave a kief catcher open for the amount of time you need to use it. Kief is light as a feather and extremely fine. It can easily sink into flooring or be blown away by the wind, a fan, or even heavy breathing. 

When Is It Time to Use the Kief?

When to start enjoying the kief you’ve accumulated is up to you. You will need to keep an eye on how much is in the kief catcher to ensure it does not overflow. 

A lot of people wait until they are running low on their herbs. Pouring some kief into a bowl helps build volume and provides you with some extra smoking 💨 material. 

For those who enjoy rolling their greens in paper to smoke them, kief provides a terrific powdery substance that allows you to fill rolling papers with the perfect texture. 

If you prefer to keep the different types of herbs you buy separate from each other, make use of the kief when you are out of that particular herb. This way, when you load a new type of green into your herb grinder, you won’t combine two different kinds.

If instead, you enjoy mixing and matching, you might want to collect kief from two or more types of herbs and enjoy a buffet of taste and effects the next time you light up.

The Advantages of a Kief Catcher

When you use an herb grinder that does not collect kief, you will lose a lot of it. The leftover particles that form kief often get pressed into the surface of the grinder, costing you the fun of smoking them. 

This repetitive build-up will eventually cause the grinder to become sticky. When you wash it 💧, you will watch kief literally go down the drain. 

Losing any amount of your dried herbs is bad news for your wallet. Like us, you invest hard-earned money 💲 in purchasing your greens, and you want to be able to use every single bit of them. Even the dusty, microscopic bits add up quickly over time. Why pay for something you will never enjoy the benefits of smoking? 

Now you see just how easy it is to use a kief catcher. Find one to fit your price range and get started enjoying the benefits of kief. Sharing it with your circle of smoking friends will allow everyone to celebrate relaxing and getting back to normal.

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