What is a Percolator in a Bong?

A percolator is a contraption for your bong or water pipe that helps to cool down smoke.

A lot of people who enjoy indulging in their greens also like to know what options they have for new ways to fire 🔥 them up. So many choices are out there that it can be overwhelming to figure out what works best for you. 

Percolators are made in several different designs, allowing you a choice in what appeals to you. What they all have in common is they offer the same great main benefits. 

If you want to know more about what percolators are but don’t know where to start, we’ve got just the quick tutorial you need. Find out the advantages of percolators in a bong and what kinds are available. Let’s get started!

How Percolators Make Smoking Cool

The first benefit relates to giving a cooling effect 🆒. Percolators push smoke through the water, which causes the smoke to be slowed down in the process of reaching your lungs. Slowing down the smoke via the water cools it down. 

This advantage proves important because nobody wants to take a hit off their bong and then dissolve into a coughing fit.  A cooler hit makes you less likely to experience harsh coughing. The cooler smoke helps each hit feel smoother and less abrasive to your lungs. 

In addition to the cooling advantage, when the smoke 💨 passes through the water, some of the water becomes vaporized. This provides a moisturized effect, which also provides a hit that doesn’t feel as harsh. 

Percolators Help Filter Out Contaminants

When you take a hit from your bong and the smoke meets the water 💧,  filtration of the smoke happens. The more surface area there is for the bubbles, the greater the amount of filtration that occurs. 

The reason this matters is because water provides a magnetic attraction to polar contaminants in the smoke. This process helps remove these contaminants from the smoke, providing a less polluted hit. 

It also adds to the cooling effect. Filters make you say, “Hey, man, nice shot!”

Percolators Come In a Wide Array of Choices

You may be wondering which percolator best fits your needs and smoking habits. Check out our overview of some of the most popular types of percolators to decide where you’d like to start. Remember that if one doesn’t do the job, you can always experiment with other choices. 

Honeycomb Percolators

Honeycomb 🐝 percolators are small, which is a great choice for people who don’t want smoking equipment that takes up a lot of space. They typically come at a budget price and who doesn’t want to save a few bucks when they can?

Many people who favor honeycomb percolators feel that they are the best percs on the market. They offer a lot of power for consistently smooth hits that help you get the most out of your greens. 

Downstem Percolators

Downstems are the godfather of the perc family, having been the first type on the market. A downstem features a tube that goes in the water. When air travels through the tube, it becomes bubbles. The more bubble action, the more power this perc provides. 

Fans of downstems enjoy how easy they are to clean or replace a broken stem. They also are on the small side, which provides an advantage when it comes to storage and ease of transport 🚗.

Inline Percolators

Inline percs are similar to downstems but sit flat in the water, rather than at an angle. Tubes in inline percolators can be quite lengthy, which adds to their power. Be aware that the longer a tube is, the bigger risk there is that it might break. 

Turbine Percolators

Turbines are similar to honeycomb percs, in terms of their height, but don’t pack quite as much power. Fans of turbine percolators like how sturdy they find them to be. 

Turbines get their name from the cyclone effect that happens when you take a hit. When you inhale, the water goes up around the edges of the bong, rather than straight up through the middle. This provides a splashguard affect many customers prefer.

Faberge Egg Percolators

While this type of perc is named after the super expensive collectible works of art, they come at a price anyone can afford. Faberge egg 🥚 percolators are similar to Swiss percs, by virtue of containing flat sections of glass that feature large holes like a hunk of Swiss cheese. 

Faberge egg percs provide great filtration but many users became fans due to how they look. Sometimes simple fits the bill, but other times you just want the eye candy of a beautiful, fancy-looking design. 

Fritted Disc Percolators

When it comes to powerful percolation, fritted discs are the mac daddy. It produces the highest amount of bubbles. Many fans swear by the powerful hits it provides. They also enjoy the reputation fritted disc percs have when it comes to durability.

Something to be aware of is the number of little pores in this kind of percolator means they can get clogged up. Keep an eye 👀 on them so you can do a quick cleaning whenever necessary in order to allow your fritted disc percolator to keep trucking. 

Time to Get Percolating!

Now that you know how percolators in bongs work, we bet you are curious to try one. Our list of popular types of percs can get you started on your new purchase. Remember that variety is the spice of life and it’s always a good time to spice up your smoking equipment!

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