Why a Rolling Tray Should Replace a Magazine

A rolling tray is a convenient tool enjoyed by those who prefer to roll and smoke.

We’ve all been there. You have some downtime to invest in enjoying your greens. You grab your stash only to realize you don’t have anything pre-rolled. You look around and grab the first flat surface item you can find.

Magazines and hardcover books 📚 used to be a popular rolling surface but they became scarce when the internet moved most reading sources to the digital world. 

In the Jurassic 🦎 era, people used album covers to roll their dried herbs. Even for those who embrace the world of vinyl music, albums aren’t always handy to grab and their size makes them impossible to stow in something small and portable.

If you are serious about having all the equipment you need to quickly and efficiently roll up your greens, you need a rolling tray. They help you stay organized and keep your goodies from spilling out while you work with them. Let us walk you through some of your rolling tray choices.


Bamboo 🎋 is more sustainable than other materials typically used to make rolling trays, such as plastic and metal. They can sometimes cost a bit more than other trays, but they may be the right choice for you if keeping the environment in mind factors into your shopping choices. 

Some people oil their bamboo trays but the jury is out on if this is a necessary step or not. When washing it, use mild soap, rinse, and dry immediately.


Glass rolling trays offer a type of beauty no other trays have. They can be more pricey than a lot of trays, but sometimes a larger investment pays off in how happy the art of creative glassware can make you. 

Keep in mind the fragility of anything made from glass. Pay a few extra bucks to get a solid piece of glass, rather than something flimsy. If you have a case of fumble fingers or live with people who have a history of not handling things with care, you might want to skip a glass rolling tray option.

Glass trays can be easily cleaned with dishwashing soap and warm water 💧. Toss it in the dishwasher to give it a thorough, hands-off cleansing.


Plastic rolling trays typically fall into a budget-friendly category. They aren’t the strongest tray on the market, but it won’t break the bank 💰 to replace one. They are easy to clean, requiring just a quick dusting or rinse with warm water.

Because they are often mass-produced, you can find a wide variety of designs. Plastic trays feature fun things like artistic designs, musical artists, and logos of your favorite brands. 


Metal rolling trays offer great durability, as they are difficult to damage 💪. Metal trays are pretty common, which means they are usually inexpensive. 

Metal trays can be given a quick cleaning by wiping them down with a paper towel or cloth. If you use water to clean one, be sure to thoroughly dry it to avoid the risk of rust. 


Because of the many different types of wood 🌲, this type of rolling tray offers a lot of choices. Wood trays are beautiful to look at. When treated well, they last a really long time. 

You can clean your wooden tray with sudsy water. Be sure to dry it thoroughly after rinsing it off. 

Trays with Stash Boxes

You have to love the convenience of having something that holds your supplies and also offers you a rolling surface. This type of tray/box combo offers portability but may take up more room than you have. 

These bad boys also will run a little higher because they include more. Factor in if you need the extras the tray/box offers and decide if it’s worth it.

Size Matters

Before purchasing a rolling tray, think about how and when you’ll use it. If you will mostly break it out for personal usage and small amounts of herbs, a small tray will do just fine. Something in the 4” x 6” range or slightly bigger should do the trick.

If you tend to work with a large amount of herbs, go for a bigger tray. Larger trays are also good for when you and your friends get together for smoking sessions 💨. The more herbs in play and being rolled, the better it is to go big.  

Regardless of what size you choose, make sure all of the sides are higher than the tray part. This keeps your greens on the tray where they belong. The sides also provide a wall you can scoop herbs up against. 

If You Just Can’t Even (Roll Your Herbs)

If you have tried and just can’t get the hang of rolling like a professional, don’t feel bad. RAW cones can give you what you need. The cool thing about old rolling trays is they can enjoy a new life. Keep pieces of jewelry 💍 you use a lot on them or other things you want easy access to or serve up a snack on one to enjoy after the smoke clears

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