Why Cleaning Your Glass Pipes and Bubblers is Important

Why Cleaning Your Glass Pipes and Bubblers is Important

The past year has given us plenty of extra time to focus on cleaning projects inside and around our homes. People have cleaned places that normally may have been ignored since the beginning of time, like under the fridge or behind furniture 🛋. There is one cleaning project you might not know is important.

Did you know that when it comes to the items you use to enjoy your greens, cleaning them regularly is always important? You already spent your time and hard-earned money 💰 when selecting the perfect glass pipe and glass bubbler for your collection. It’s important to make sure you take care of them. 

Regular cleaning increases the length of time your pieces of equipment last and ensures that they will work perfectly every time you fire them up. It’s an easy way to stretch the value of your money. After all, your glass pipes and bubblers are an investment, and it’s a no-brainer 🧠 to keep them clean and in top working condition.


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While no one really enjoys your average cleaning chore, it’s different when it comes to knowing how to clean a pipe and how to clean a bubbler These prove to be important skill sets. Don’t think of it as a boring chore, but rather a good habit to get into to protect your utensils so they don’t go up in smoke 💨. 

When you sit down to clean your glass bubblers or pipe with water, you can turn on a favorite playlist or pull up the next episode of that great new show 📺 you’re binge-watching. Enjoying entertainment while you engage in cleaning your bubblers, pipes and other leaf-related products helps the time pass quickly.

If you’ve got roommates or friends who could use a lesson on how to clean a pipe or how to clean a bubbler, let them watch and learn or bring their own products and have a cleaning party. You can even do this online 💻! 

It’s easy to learn the best way to clean a pipe, including how to clean resin out of a pipe. Check out our easy to follow instructions for several cleaning options.


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When you enjoy your greens in a new pipe, you experience the perfect flavor they are meant to have. In general, resin and residue have a flavor. When you use a pipe that hasn’t been cleaned in a while, you will be subjected to that sometimes less than pleasant flavor, which alters your smoking experience. 

You pay good money for exactly the greens you want, so why compromise the characteristics they naturally have? A clean pipe ensures you get the taste and results you were meant to enjoy 👌.


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Think about the things you use regularly that you also wash regularly. Your clothing, your bedding, your favorite coffee mug, and all of your other dishes. You wouldn’t just use them over and over, neglecting to clean them, right?

You also shower or bathe 🛀 regularly to ensure that your body is clean and in optimal condition. The same principle applies to your glass pipes and glass bubblers. Establishing a ritual for regular cleaning is important.


Sharing your pipes and glass bubblers with a friend is a common activity. Think about how easily germs can be passed, especially when people are using their mouths to inhale their greens. Cootie shots can’t protect you so you have to be proactive!

Germs, including the common cold and even cold sores, can be inadvertently shared as you puff and pass. These days, stopping the spread of germs is more important than ever. Regular cleanings help keep everything germ-free and ready to share without concern about spreading contagions. 


Let’s face it: We all like to show off our collection of cool, quality bubblers and pipes. Our personal taste and personality traits are often expressed via which ones we choose. When we whip out a glass pipe or water bubbler to share with a pal, we want them to be impressed 😀.

If they end up with their hands on a dirty piece of equipment, it makes you look bad, and they may know enough to understand that their smoke experience will be compromised because you don’t know how to clean pipe resin. Avoid the embarrassment and instead impress the gang with your super clean pipes and bubblers and the pure taste they deserve to enjoy!


Make sure you wash your hands thoroughly after a cleaning session✋. A fingernail scrub brush can help get rid of any bits of resin that might be trapped under your nails. You want your hands as squeaky clean as your newly glistening glass pipes and bubblers!

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