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Joint Rolling Pro: Learn How to Roll in 5 Easy Steps

The definitive Step by Step Guide on How to Roll a Joint

Nothing is more embarrassing when you are sitting with a bunch of friends and it's time to pass the ceremonial herb, but not a soul knows how to roll.

Start practicing to roll right now with these 5 steps and become a joint rolling professional that will have your friends praising your skills. Not only will you feel proud of your accomplishment, but you can bet that you get invited to more events with your new skillset.

What is a Chillum and 5 Reasons to Use a Glass Chillum

What is a Chillum and 5 Reasons to Use a Glass Chillum from MeTimeBox Products
A chillum, sometimes called a chillum pipe, glass chillum, one hitter, glass one hitter, metal chillum, discreet chillum, or cigarette chillum, is a type of clay (or glass) pipe used for smoking that first originated in India. Here are 5 reasons why to use a glass chillum:

What Are the Benefits of a Smoking Subscription Box?

Why Buy a Smoking Subscription Box? What's Inside a Me Time Box? Discreet shipping of a monthly subscription box, just for people who enjoy MMJ as part of their lifestyle.
Me Time Box Products curates a smoking subscription box where you get items delivered each month for all of your smoking needs. But what other things does it come with, and is it going to be worth getting the box? Here are a few more of the benefits to getting a smoking subscription box.

What is the Free Pipe Frenzy and is it Legit or a Scam?

FreePipe Frenzy Scam? Maybe. Or Maybe you just overpaid for a cheap glass pipe.
How does our Free Glass Pipe compare to the Free Pipe Frenzy that you have seen on social media? There are a couple of HUGE differences and philosophies when it comes to how Me Time Box Products does business and how the Free Pipe Friday continues to take advantage of smokers around the globe.

Smoking Guide: How to Properly Use RAW Cones with Filter Tips

If you have not tried RAW cones with the RAW tips, you do not know what you are missing from your smoke session. A Me Time Products smoke subscription box often come with a pack of cones.
Once you learn how to roll a cone with a RAW paper tip, you will question why you ever used a roach clip. Read our Pro Guide to Rolling a Fat Cone with Tips.

All of the Amazing Rolling Paper Alternatives

All of the Amazing Rolling Paper Alternatives from RAW cones to a Glass Chillum, but I sure do love a RAW Pre-rolled cone.

I am terrible at rolling J's, but sometimes they are just what I am craving. I was lost without my friends that have turned rolling into an art form and so most of the time I just use one of my unique glass pipes.

Then i came across the RAW Cones. These things are genius and they make me feel like listening to Reggae. They come pre-made in the cone shape with a filter pushed into the tip already. If you know how to pack a one hitter then making beautiful RAW Cone J's will seem like a walk in the park.

International Shipping and Delivery of Glass Smoking Pipes from Me Time Box Products

you can get me time box glass smoking pipes and smoke kits delivered to your door with our international shipping
If you live outside of the United States, that is fine because we now do international shipping and delivery of our glass pipes and smoke kits. Whether you are in Europe, Australia or Asia, you can expect Me Time Box Products like our glass chillums, dab rigs, glass water pipes and traditional glass smoking pipes to your door in quick time. While Me Time Box is an American company, we are happy to international ship our glass smoking pipe collection to nearly anywhere in the world.

The Best Grinder for Kief

a three chambered weed grinder is the best grinder for kief like this spotted herb grinder
The bet grinder for kief is a three chambered metal grinder that catches the kief in the bottom chamber. It is important to know how to clean a metal grinder because mold can build up. Metal grinders usually have a magnetic top to seal the herb into the grinder so that after you push your medicine into the teeth of the top chamber you can twist the magnetic top back and forth to grind it up. If you are wondering how to make a weed grinder, in all reality they are complicated enough that you would probably be better off just purchasing an affordable metal grinder.

Smoking Guide: Learn How To Use A Bong

Learn How To Use A Bong from Me Time Box Products, top-rated smoking subscription box

Need tips on how to use a bong? Me Time Box Products not only provides the highest quality bongs on the market, but also instructions and tips on how to use our glass smoking pipes.

By adding water to the bottom of your bong you will now have a filter that catches a lot of the larger particles and toxins in the smoke which will provide a cleaner hit. This blog article clearly explains how to clear a bong and some other great tips to make the most of your Me Time Box Products.

The Work, Effort & Materials That Go Into A Free Glass Pipe

The Work, Effort & Materials That Go Into A Free Pipe, glass smoking pipe from Me Time Box Products, home of the free pipe frenzy.
Making hand blown glass smoking pipes is a painstaking process that takes intent focus and artistry. Our free pipe giveaway is an incredible deal especially when you look into all the time and effort that goes into making our durable glass pipes. Whether you select an artisan one hitter, a glass spoon pipe made with lattachino and thickened with frit, or a bong, you are receiving a beautiful smoking pipe that was made by someone that cares. Me Time Box is proud to offer our free pipe giveaway and it only makes sense for us to let everyone know about the time and effort that goes into making these beautiful glass blown pipes.

How To Clean A One Hitter or Glass Chillum

learn how to clean a one hitter, cleaning your glass chillums, how to scrape a one hitter, unclogging a chillum from Me Time Box Products, home of the free glass pipe.
How do you clean a one hitter? A one hitter will fill with resin after you have used if for a while, clogging it and making it unsightly. Carefully use a lighter to heat the outside of the bowl to soften the resin and use an unfolded paperclip to scrape your glass one hitter. Do the same with the stem of the pipe making sure to be careful around the mouthpiece so you do not chip your one hitter. You can also boil your one hitter in a soft boil or immerse your glass pipe in isopropyl rubbing alcohol to clean your one hitter. Make sure to keep some strong soap around to wash your hands too.

Me Time Box vs The Happy Kit

Does the happykit offer quality glass pipes? is The Happy Kit a good product. Is the happy kit worth it?
What does the Me Time Box have to offer that The Happy Kit doesn't? Does The Very Happy Kit provide quality glass smoking pipes and rolling papers? Take a look at the difference between the Me Time Box versus The Happy Kit and judge whether the costs and variety of products are the same. If you are looking for a true happy kit, then take a look at Me Time Box for high quality and beautifully crafted glass water pipes and other glass smoking pipes.