FAQs about Me Time Box Products

What sort of glass smoking pipe products can I expect in my Me Time Box?

The glass smoke pipe types you will find in a Me Time Box will vary considerably. You could find a glass pipe bubbler, a glass one hitter smoking pipe, a glass chillum, a one hit glass smoking pipe and all sorts of other glass smoking pipes. The idea is that there are a wide variety of heavy glass pipes that could show up in your smoking subscription box to add to your collection of smoking glass pipes. It is a surprise each and every time your Me Time Box arrives!

How often should I expect to get my Me Time Box?

You can order a Me Time Box subscription where you will have only the best glass pipes and bubblers delivered every month. Your Me Time Box will also be filled with all the smoke essentials you could possibly need like a grinder, RAW rolling papers, glass smoking pipe cleaners, a rolling tray and lots of other smoking kit essentials. You can also order just a single Me Time Box and see what sort of smoke shop items show up discreetly on your doorstep, with other smoking essentials.  

What do I do if one of my glass pipes is broken?

We package all of our heavy glass pipes carefully so we do not expect that you will ever receive a broken pipe. But smoking out of a broken glass pipe is a bad idea. So, all you need to do is take a picture of the unused broken glass pipe and email it to hello@metimebox.com along with your order ID and we will ship out a new glass pipe to you right away. How can you experience any Me Time when smoking out of a cracked glass pipe?

What is the return policy for Me Time Box?

We have a no hassle cancellation policy for Me Time Box. Cancel your monthly subscription at any time. If you are at the midpoint of the billing cycle and we have shipped your Me Time Box, we cannot stop the shipment. If you cancel before billing, we will automatically suspend your account, but you can reactivate it at any time. If you have any questions about our refund policy, please reach out to us at hello@metimebox.com.

Can I travel with my Me Time Box?

Our smoking glass pipes are intended for tobacco use only for adults 21 years of age or older, so traveling across state lines with a smoking glass pipe for tobacco or a completely unused glass pipe would be fine. Otherwise, your glass smoking pipe piece should stay in-state.

What should I smoke out of the smoking pipes?

Our glass smoking pipes are for tobacco use only for adults 21 years of age or older.

How can I get in on the Free Pipe Giveaway?

If you are interested in the free pipe giveaway, please click here. You will receive a unique glass pipe. All you need to do is pay shipping and handling.

How to use a glass smoking pipe?

If you have a glass smoking pipe bowl, glass smoking pipe bubbler, glass bat smoking pipe or some other sort of glass smoking pipe piece , there are a number of ways to use them. Some glass pipes, like the glass smoking pipe bubbler can be used by filling it with a little water, enough to cover the stem of the bowl. Or you can use the glass pipe dry like any other glass pipe piece. Filling the glass pipe bowl with tobacco and gently applying a flame will get the job done.

Are there any problems with smoking out of a broken glass pipe?

Yes, smoking out of a cracked glass pipe or a broken glass pipe is a bad idea. No worries though, the Me Time return policy makes it easy. If your glass pipe piece arrives broken, just take a picture of it (unused) and email it to hello@metimebox.com along with your order ID number and we will get another great heavy glass piece sent out to you right away.

How do I clean a glass pipe?

If you want to know how to clean a glass pipe or how to unclog a glass smoking pipe, worry not. There are many glass smoking pipe cleaners on the market. You can also clean a glass pipe by boiling it or submerging it in some rubbing alcohol. A pipe cleaner or even a toothpick can be used to unclog a glass pipe.

How many items are in my Me Time Box?

The Me Time Box will always be filled with an incredible variety of essential smoke kit selections at a great value. You could find all sorts of glass smoking pieces. In each box you will find at least one heavy glass hand pipe, and a glass one hitter pipe for those quick out of the way moments. You will also find some RAW rolling papers of some sort, a rolling tray, a grinder, a RAW clipper lighter and other products. One way or another, each Me Time Box that arrives each month will feel like you just got a new surprise in the mail each time.

Is smoking out of a glass pipe bad?

Smoking out of a cracked glass pipe is a not a great idea. Smoking out of a clogged glass pipe can be difficult. But, a quality glass pipe is easy to clean or unclog. Otherwise, a nice California heavy glass piece is ideal. If your glass pipe is broken when it arrives, just let us know and we will replace it.

Is smoking tobacco in a glass pipe better than rolling one up?

Smoking tobacco in a glass pipe is easy and quick. That is not say that rolling one up with with quality RAW rolling papers or a Raw rolling bundle does not have its pluses as well. It ultimately is a matter of preference and those preferences will change from time to time, but fortunately Me Time allows you to experience glass hand pipes or rolling papers to fit your desires at that moment. We look to provide essential smoke kit items at affordable prices. Don’t pay more for your glass smoke pipes.