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Our glass pieces are bright, vibrant colored pipe bowls with unique fuming.

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All pipe pieces are unique bowls for smoking

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All glass pipes, bowls sell for $20-$25 at a retail store

Discreet glass pieces designed for portability and durability

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Discreet glass pieces designed for portability and durability
Craft Glass Blowers from around the world have designed these beautiful, unique glass pipes for people who appreciate the time and effort that goes
into the glass pipe blowing process.
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All of the free glass pipes are double and triple blown, heavy and have the deepest and most vibrant colors, so as your tobacco smoke passes through the glass hand pipe, the artisan color changing pipe becomes much more beautiful after continued use.
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The free glass pipe is hand-crafted and blown by artists who take pride in their craft. Industry veterans have worked diligently on designing the perfect free pipe samples for new users and experienced smokers who demand thick, heavy glass for a bowl to smoke.
People Love the Me Time Box Free Pipe Giveaway
Your new free glass hand pipe is large enough to experience the full flavor, but small enough to discreetly store in a small case, cargo pocket or a backpack. 
The best free tobacco pipes, read the free pipe reviews.
Your free smoke pipe is made of high quality glass and in most cases is triple blown by talented glass blowers. When a glass pipe piece for smoking is made with thick glass, it can withstand the elements and enjoying its use with friends, indoors or outdoors.
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Questions? Concerns? Visit our Free Smoke Pipe FAQ below or get in touch.


Changing the the public perception is the main reason we are giving away these beautiful free smoke pipes. We traveled all across the United States giving away free tobacco glass pipes to people who were seasoned smokers and people who were curious about smoking bowls.
We realized that there was a need to educate the people and change the stigma behind the idea of using a glass pipe, without judgment.
The free glass pipe was well received by all and brought smiles to everyone's face, so we decided to bring the free pipes online for everyone.
Get a free smoke pipe from Me Time Box Products, home of the best smoking subscription box.
Discreet glass pieces designed for portability and durability
Double and Triple Blown Glass Pipes are built to last.
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Learn how to clean a glass pipe at Me Time Box Products or get a new unique glass pipe for free, just pay shipping


Fall in love with your sweet new glass pipe bowl. Don't you deserve a little me time?!
Just pay shipping.
Get a free smoke pipe from Me Time Box Products, home of the best smoking subscription box.


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A glass hand pipe needs to be sturdy, heavy and withstand being passed amongst friends. This free glass pipe bowl is ideal for some me time or for sharing with family.

With a large bowl area for your tobacco, long handle and thick glass, this free smoking bowl will last forever (if treated well). It is easy to clean and discreet for easy transport.

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Free Pipes, Free Shipping. Just pay handling and packaging for a free glass smoking pipe learn the best way to clean a chillum or just get a free pipe
free glass pipes giveaway. 1 per customer. learn how to clean a pipe, or just claim a new free smoke pipe
need to learn how to clean glass smoking pipe? Throw it away and get a new free glass pipe. Want more? Try the Me Time monthly pipe box.
Enter our bong giveaway and claim a free glass pipe from Me Time Box Products Learn how to use an OG Chillum pipe or be a part of our free pipe frenzy


Craft Glass Blowers from around the world have designed these beautiful, heavy large free hand pipes for people who want beauty and style in their free glass smoking pipe.
There are hundreds of beautiful hand blown designs, making your free glass pipe truly unique.
Free Pipe Frenzy reviewed and it's not a free glass pipe. Claim a smoke free pipe from Me Time Box Products
The free pipe giveaway is back bigger in 2021 so we can support the industry and the growing number of states that are on board this year. If you are a brand new smoker or an experienced toker, you'll love this free hand pipe. All pipes from the Free Pipe Giveaway are shipped in discreet packaging, with fast delivery options available. Get a high quality glass bowl to smoke to help start your journey as a new smoker or add a staple beautiful glass piece for smoking to your collection
Get a free smoke pipe from Me Time Box Products, home of the best smoking subscription box.


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      Can i choose the color of glass pipe?

      Colors, sizes and shapes will vary, but you will be guaranteed to be happy!
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      Do you ship glass smoking pipes to Canada or internationally?

      Currently, this promotion is only valid in the contiguous United States. If you live in Alaska, Hawaii or any other US territory (subject to local laws), additional shipping charges may apply. 
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      How long will it take my order to ship?

      Your free glass pipe will take approximately 5 days to process and ship. As soon as shipping information is available, you will get an email to track your free smoke pipe!
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      How much is shipping?

      Shipping is $7.77 for standard shipping through USPS. We ship from Los Angeles, CA and your pipe will take 5-10 days to reach you. You have the option to expedite shipping to USPS priority at checkout, which will range based on your location.
      Why do you have to pay shipping? We don't own USPS and someone has to pay them! We provide the glass pipe. You just have to pay for it to be delivered to you.
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      Is there a Warranty?

      We have a no hassle, no worry guarantee for defective products. Every free glass hand pipe is inspected, but occasionally your free pipe will get damaged in shipping. If it does, email: with your order number and a picture of the broken glass and we will immediately send out a replacement.
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      How do I clean my glass pipe?

      Learning how to clean a glass pipe is easy. There are multiple ways to keep your glass spoon hitting like a champion with standard household items. The more you care for your glass pipe, the longer it will be a staple in your smoking supplies.
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      Is this website associated with any other free pipe groups?

      No, the Me Time Box Free Pipe Giveaway is not associated with Free Pipe Friday,, Michael Dulaney, Free Pipe Frenzy, or any other glass pipe contest sites. Never overpay for glass pipes and you will never have to qualify to get a new glass smoking pipe from Me Time Box Products.