Who is Me Time Box Products?
What Does Me Time Box Products Stand For?
Find out the answers to these questions and see why we live better, every day.

Learn about the Me Time Box Products brand and our story. This is why we Live Better. Every Day.


The Beginning

It’s 2014. We had just left yet another trade show with some of our friends/colleagues. We were really tired, but we had an idea we just needed to hash out. So, we all sat down in the lobby to talk.

Working with smoking accessories takes much wore brainstorming and work than traditional businesses since banks are very strict about smoke pipe business.

There is something still really wrong with this industry.

🙅‍♀️No Females in this business

💨Smoke Shops feel shady

💸Smoking accessories are overpriced for what they are

What can we do? 

Heather said, "Let's create a subscription box business! Now that the industry is being normalized, all of these new people will be trying it for the first time. A sampling of smoke pipes and accessories are exactly what they need. It will be like buying wine and scotch glasses. Just, this will be for smoking."

We all looked at each other and thought it was a great idea. After chatting with some friends and our family members, we set out on our journey and created the original Mary Jane's Box. 

This subscription box would change peoples' lives. We committed to a single ethos:

Discreetly Deliver a Monthly Subscription Box of The Best Products to Live Better, Every Day.

Failure to Launch

November 2014

With the plan set, the products ready and the website ready, we were ready!

But the industry wasn't ready for us.

The moment we launched the website and found our first 52 subscribers, we received a very sad phone call from our bank.

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They shut us down. Completely. Talk about a tough way to go out, but we knew what the future would hold and we knew it would be hard from the beginning.

The mission continued and we stayed positive on our pursuit to deliver the best products to live better, every day.

Persistence Beats Resistance 

March 2015

We were determined not to let this stop us. We weren't going to do what everyone else did, and take the easy path. While we lost our bank accounts and the ability to do any business online, we refused to be pushed down and forced out.

We knew how much we could influence change and how so very desperately we needed to get a smoking subscription box into the hands of the people who needed them most.

Relaunching was going to be tough, but in order to be compliant, we had to rename our beautiful, well thought-out, female centric brand and find a way to communicate our message. 

In taking account of how these natural products can improve lives, we had an awakening moment.

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The Best Products to Live Better, Every Day.

August 2016

It all started to make way more sense now. 

We geared our subscription box towards self-care. It was about taking care of your mental state and that's what would allow people to be #bettertoday.

We so often forget that our brains are so easily influenced by our outlook.

A couple of us reflected on personal relationships that improved by adopting a more natural lifestyle, moving away from the chemical romance.

One of us said: 

"This subscription box is for ME. This was MY TIME to reflect on who and what is important. These products have made ME better."

This was perfect. It makes total sense.

Self-care is Me Time.

You only have one brain, one body and one heart. You have to take time to love all of it, before you can love anything else.

We instantly became the Me Time Box 💚

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Battle Born out of Las Vegas

July 2017

The relaunch of Me Time Box Products was in full swing. Almost 12 months of rebuilding, going through compliance checks and reorganizing everything, it was time.

We launched metimebox.com.

Same mission. Same motivation. Same drive. Same commitment. 

Live Better. Every Day.

How Can We Bring Change?

February 2018

Oh, you want to run a smoking subscription box business?

Sorry. We are not going to let you advertise because we have been brainwashed or corrupted by politics..

We were all sitting in the office on a Friday afternoon and brainstorming (again) about how we could spread our message and get people to understand who we are.

One of us chimed in:

"Let's give everyone a free glass pipe because once they have one of these beautiful pieces in their hands, they are halfway there to trying a more natural lifestyle." 

The immediate consensus was NO WAY. This couldn't work because of the shipping costs, packaging and time it would take for us to do the physical work.

As a good team does, we talked about potential ways to make this idea work, because it was the only idea we had.

Just Pay Shipping

January 2019

Could it really be that easy? Our company can provide the glass pipe worth at least $20 at a local head shop, and our customers can pay the shipping. If they can over our costs, then we have taken the first step.

Expanding on the idea of education, we decided to put together how-to articles, guides and helpful tips to get the most out of your me time.

We even put together some hypothetical situations that may or may not have happened to some of us at Me Time Box Products. We call it our Me Time Box Stories blog and it is worth a read if you want a laugh.

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Into the Future

2020 and Beyond

Me Time Box Products are here to support the community. As we embark on a new future, we have never felt so important to our fellow humans.

All of us are essential in forging a better future 💚

Let's all continue to Live Better, Every Day, together.