Planet 13 Las Vegas Variable Voltage Vape Pen from Me Time Box Products Support Page


FAQ's About the Planet 13 Vape BatteryΒ 

Did you get a Variable Vape Battery from Planet 13 in Las Vegas?

Me Time Box Products supports the warranty program for the 510 thread, Variable Voltage, Planet 13 branded Vape Battery. The warranty period is 1 year from the date of purchase.

What is covered under the warranty?

Me Time Box Products will replace defective batteries that have been purchased at the Planet 13 Las Vegas Super Store. Here are all the qualifying conditions to replace the vape battery under our satisfaction guarantee:

  • Battery will not hold a charge.
  • Battery will not turn on.
  • Battery blinks constantly while plugged in.
  • Battery will not adjust temperature.

What is NOT covered under the warranty?

Me Time Box Products will not replace the battery under the satisfaction guarantee promise if the item:

  • Battery shows sign of physical damage.
  • Battery has liquid on top of the battery contact (where you screw the cart in).
  • No photos/videos have been provided to show battery malfunction.

How Do I Submit a Claim?

If you would like to submit a claim to have your Planet 13 Vape Battery replaced, please follow these instructions:

  1. Take a photo/video showing the problem (video preferred).
  2. Locate your sales receipt from your original purchase.
  3. Submit the photo/video and receipt to