$10 Multi Chamber Small Metal Grinder


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Get this Multi Chamber Metal Grinder for only $10! Offer valid now through June 28th at 11:59pm.   A quality grinder is what separates a truly fantastic smoke session from the...

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Get this Multi Chamber Metal Grinder for only $10!

Offer valid now through June 28th at 11:59pm.


A quality grinder is what separates a truly fantastic smoke session from the rest, and this Small Metal Grinder is guaranteed to elevate your smoking to a level you’ve never experienced! 

✅ Get perfect smoke sessions every time
✅ Make the most of your hard earned stash
✅ 3 chambers each with a unique function
✅ Magnetic top for easy grinding
✅ Kief chamber on the bottom with scraping tool

With three separate pieces including an impressively spacious catch compartment, this grinder is made from ultra-durable stainless steel built to stay strong and last long. 

Not only is it portable enough for easy traveling, it’s even sturdy enough for regular at-home use. Finally, you can kiss lost product, sticky fingers, and dirty smoke goodbye!

This Grinder is Small but Mighty!⬇️

Each of the Small Metal Grinders are equipped with:

👃🏾 Smell-proof threading, 
😉 Lightweight portable design
🛠 Super sharp teeth engineered using the latest blade-cutting technology
💚 Quick, uniform grinding
🌱 Screened second chamber to sift kief

We’ve even got you covered with magnetic tops to help prevent spills. You’ll never have to worry about lost or poorly ground herb ever again! 

Treat yourself to one of these premium yet affordable metal grinders so you can enjoy life, every day.


  • Made from quality stainless steel
  • Magnetized lid
  • Ultra-sharp grinder teeth
  • Bonus mini scraper
  • Spacious catch compartment
  • Portable and compact design

How to Use

Step 1:

Take off the lid, and place small pieces of dry herb between the grinder’s teeth. Make sure not to put pieces over the center magnet because they won’t get shredded.

Step 2: 

Replace the lid, and rotate the grinder until all the herb has fallen through the holes and into the catch compartment. Unscrew the teeth chamber to reveal your freshly ground herb, and enjoy!

Step 3:

Is your grinder getting sticky? Give it a thorough cleaning by rubbing isopropyl alcohol and salt onto the grinder pieces. You can also use a cleaning brush for hard-to-reach areas. 

Step 4:

Don’t forget the bottom chamber. Over time it catches the best of your dried herbs, the kief. A small scraping tool will help you portion it out into joints and packed bowls.


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