Free glass smoke pipe from Honeysuckle Mag and Me Time Box Products
Me Time Box Products Free Glass Pipe from Honeysuckle Magazine
Free Pipe from Honeysuckle and Me Time Box! Just pay shipping and handling on a free glass pipe.
A free gift from Honeysuckle Magazine! Get a free glass smoke pipe from Me Time Box Products.
Get a free glass pipe for reading Honeysuckle Magazine from Me Time Box Products.
Beautiful glass pipe for free. Just pay shipping from Me Time Box and Honeysuckle Mag.
Honeysuckle Free Glass Pipe giveaway with Me Time Box Products.

Honeysuckle Mag x Me Time Box Products Free Pipe Promotion!

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Free Glass Pipe from HoneySuckle Mag and Me Time Box Products!

Honeysuckle Magazine is a nationally-distributed print and online publication that brings countercultural themes to the mainstream. We emphasis diverse perspectives, visual impact, and freedom of choice – so it’s only natural that our free gift to you should be symbolic of a dynamic social movement.

Just pay shipping and handling on a promotional free glass pipe from Me Time Box Products, valued at $25. That’s what we’d call a Honey of a deal.

*Pipe color, shape and design may vary from the picture based on current inventory.

As a publication that explores stories in sustainability, social issues, spirituality, culture and cannabis, Honeysuckle is always proud to celebrate the unique and cutting-edge. We love Me Time Products heavy glass pipes, each subtly distinctive, telling a narrative all their own. Now you can use these versatile premium-grade glass pipes to create your story.

Throughout your life you may own all sorts of glass smoking pipes, but the most reliable will always be a thick glass bowl that is discreet and easy to use. Made with the fine hand of a master glass craftsman, it will rival even the best in your collection. Shipping and handling are the only costs and they can be sent to anywhere in the world. Help us make a difference and spread the word to your friends and family. We all should have the opportunity to enjoy life, every day.

These thick stylish free glass handpipes can become your lifetime companion. Honeysuckle Mag is distributed around the world and now so is your new free glass pipe.