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Glass Pipe Giveaway from Me Time Box Products!

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Just pay shipping and handling on a promotional glass pipe from Me Time Box valued at $25!

1 Free Pipe Per Customer. No Exceptions, but feel free to share with your friends and family

*pipe color, shape and design may vary from the picture based on current inventory.

Making a difference is Me Time's top objective. Enjoy Life, Every Day is more than a slogan, it is a mission. That is why this glass pipe giveaway exists.

A strong durable free glass pipe can be a lifetime companion. As perceptions shift and more truths come to light, there is one undeniable common denominator; a heavy glass pipe will remain the most reliable smoking tool on the market. Accompany this free pipe with the unparalleled customer service of Me Time Box Products, and you cannot go wrong.

These Californian heavy glass pipes are hand blown with the precision of a master craftsman. Your randomly selected stylish free glass pipe will range in size with a thick durable glass.

It conveniently fits into any pocket, handbag or compartment inconspicuously to ensure discretion at all times.

Why are we giving away 1,000,000 free glass pipes? The only way to advance the industry is by sharing knowledge. The only way to share knowledge is by gaining experience. The way we want to help is by giving away a heavy glass hand pipe for free, so you can share your experience!

Let your friends and family know about the glass pipe giveaway, so that we can all enjoy life, every day.