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The original Me Time Box is a top rated smoking subscription box packed with smoke shop essentials.
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Buy a Me Time Box. No Strings Attached.

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What is a Me Time Box?

Get the best quality smoking products discreetly delivered to your door. We know what you like and what you deserve.

Experience the Original Me Time Box and just buy it once. We keep it fresh with the best and newest smoke shop products straight from California.

Guaranteed to let you enjoy some Me Time. This smoking subscription box is curated with over $110+ worth of your favorite things to enjoy life, every day. 💚

What's Inside this Premium Smoking Box?

Each smoking subscription box comes with a minimum of two premium glass pieces, as well as an assortment of accessories including (but not limited to) premium rolling papers and hemp wraps, traditional discreet one hitters, artisanal glass chillums, rolling trays and much more to help you live better, every day.

Here is a list of what could be inside your Me Time Box!

  • Premium Rolling Papers with Tips - $4
  • Pre-Rolled Cones or Hemp Wraps - $5
  • Glass Hand Pipe - $25
  • Glass Bubbler or Bong - $40
  • One Hitter - $5
  • Premium Glass Chillum - $10
  • Grinder - $10
  • Rolling Tray - $15
  • Total = $115 + Taxes!

Start building your quality smoking glass collection without breaking the bank!

We deliver one hand curated box of the best products to help you live your life to the fullest. Enjoy a little me time. You earned it 💚

Save $10 and Subscribe to the Me Time Box. Cancel anytime!

Why Try the Box One Time?

Maybe you will like a smoking subscription box, maybe you might not see the value and maybe you will have too many items and won't need a second box. We know you will love it, so go ahead and try it!

We look to provide only the very best service and the products that fit your needs. Again, this is all about ensuring you enjoy life, every day.

A one time purchase of Me Time Box holds all of your smoking essentials such as a rolling bundle, a premium herb grinder, a RAW clipper lighter, a rolling tray and of course 2 of our top of the line premium thick glass smoking pipes.

The Latest Products Means a Nice Variety, Every Time.

One of the most important features of a Me Time Box is how unique each box is we send out to every one of our customers. A New Yorker could receive hemp wraps, RAW king sized papers, a thick glass artisan chillum and a premium glass water pipe while someone else in Dallas might receive RAW cones and traditional rolling papers with a unique 6 inch triple blown glass pipe and a bong.

We curate every product and make sure that it meets our highest quality standards, but also satisfies our inherent need for variety.

One way or another, we are sure the purchase of your Me Time Box Stoner Box will make you feel #bettertoday.

The Perfect Gift for Smokers

Have you been looking for the perfect gift for the smokers in your life? A one-time purchase of the Me Time Box is sure to impress. Whether you are looking for that perfect gift for a smoker or want to bring something unique to a party, the Me Time Box will not let you down and your gift will be the talk of the town!

*items may differ than pictured above, based on current inventory and availability, but you will always be happy!