This Year's Best Gift for Smokers is a Rolling Bundle from Me Time Box
This is the best gift for smokers because it has everything your favorite stoner will need!

Me Time Box Products Smoker's Gift Bundle

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As a big thank you, we present you with Thank You Smoker's Gift Bundle. It includes a rolling tray, rolling papers, a glass filter, a chillum and a smell proof storage tube.
These critical smoking accessories are include:
  1. Mary Jane's Rolling Tray or Similar Metal Tray
  2. Smell Proof Container
  3. OG Chillum Style Glass Pipe
  4. Premium Rolling Papers
  5. Glass Filter Tip

The smoker's gift bundle is ideal for a gift for smokers who are looking for a refill on the most commonly used items needed to enjoy the lifestyle.

A small metal rolling tray keeps everything tidy and off of the floor.

The smell proof container or doob tube helps to snuff out smells and ashes, so you can take your preroll to go.

The glass chillum or OG chillum is from Atomic Blaze and is perfect taster or disposable glass pipe.

Don't know how to use a glass rolling tip? Once you learn how to use it, it's impossible to consider smoking without a rolling tip.

*Glass filter tip color, rolling paper style and smell proof container may vary in color or variety.

*One per customer please 😉