Get Everything You Need with the Dabber's Concentrate Kit from Me Time Box Products

Dabbing Kit Bundle

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Shipping Included! This Dabbing Kit can quickly becoming the go-to product for many smokers far and wide, and this Dab Bundle is the perfect kit for the job.

Complete with every tool you could possibly need, this bundle contains premium quality products for a fraction of the premium price! 

✅ Inspected by a dedicated team of dabbing experts
✅ It comes with the dab tools you need for a variety of material
✅ If you are new to dabbing, get all the items you need
✅ A dabbing bundle like this also makes a great smokers gift
✅ It will keep you satisfied for many smoke sessions to come

With this amazing bundle, you can dive into the world of concentrates with confidence and live better, every day!

Changing the Way You Consume Concentrates ⬇️

MeTime’s Concentrate Bundle contains a host of high-quality and incredibly useful tools designed to help you master the art of concentrated smokeables. 

💪 A premium convertible dab rig
🛠 Ultra-durable stainless steel dabbing tool set
💚 Expertly-crafted quartz banger nail
😄 Silicone concentrate container
🌱 Metal Rolling Tray

You’ll receive a premium convertible dab rig that delivers a hefty yet soothingly pleasant hit every time, and the ultra-durable stainless steel dabbing tool set will help you scoop your perfect dab. 

So what are you waiting for? Treat yourself to our fantastic Dab Bundle today to completely transform and elevate your dabbing experience!


Dab Bundle includes:

  • 1 Premium convertible dab rig
  • 1 Set of stainless steel dabbing tools
  • 1 Quartz banger nail (14mm)
  • 1 Metal rolling tray
  • 1 Multi-colored silicone jar

How to Use a Dabbing Bundle

Step 1:

Using a torch lighter, heat the quartz banger nail for 20-30 seconds until it glows bright red. 

Step 2:

While the nail is cooling, use the stainless steel dabbing tool to scoop your desired amount from your silicone jar. 

Step 3: 

Place the dabbing tool on the inside of the banger nail, and pivot the tool until all of the dab has evaporated.

Step 4:

Slowly inhale until all the smoke has been cleared from the chamber, and enjoy!