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Beautiful Designed Glass Water Bubbler

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Get a 6" Glass Bubbler Bong with this one-time offer!

*Product color and shape may vary from the picture, but it will be a beautiful, heavy glass bubbler bong no matter what!

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This beautiful glass bubbler water pipe is great for social occasions or to enjoy with during some private me time. The artisan hand blown glass design makes for an excellent conversation piece without the bulkiness of a glass bong.

Like a glass pipe bowl, your bubbler bong can be used without water, but for the best smoking experience, add water to your glass piece to hear the bubbler percolator filter the tasty product.

If you are looking for high quality glass water bubbler pipes, you have reached your destination. True heavy glass water bubblers are typically either poor quality items or excessively expensive, but not with this special offer from Me Time Box Products!

The water filtrations system of a large water bong with bubbler is far more complex than necessary for the average smoker.

The single chamber in these glass water bubbler pipes water are more than sufficient to provide the clean refreshing smoke that comes with water filtration from a bubbler piece.

For only the price you cannot go wrong with this glass bubbler for sale at a very special price, because it's all about enjoying life every day.

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