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If you’re in need of a super nice glass dab rig to make the most of your love of dabbing experience, look no further than the new Premium Dab Rig!  ✅...

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If you’re in need of a super nice glass dab rig to make the most of your love of dabbing experience, look no further than the new Premium Dab Rig! 

✅ It diffuses heat to provide an easy pull
✅ It maximizes the flavor with a quartz banger
✅I t’s easy to use and intuitive for newcomers
✅I t’s made of a thick durable glass
✅ It can convert into a water bong too

Complete with a range of innovative and incredibly helpful features, this premium quality dab rig is the perfect vessel to harness the full power, flavor profile and potency of your dab. 

In just one use, you’ll quickly understand why our glass Dab Rig is one of the best and most affordable rigs on the market making everyone’s life better, every day. 

Taking Concentrates to a Whole New Level ⬇️

Each Dab Rig is hand-crafted and inspected by our team of glass experts to ensure it performs well and is made with care, so you can be confident that your investment is built to last a lifetime. 

😄 Ergonomic design is geared towards hassle-free smoke sessions
💪 Made from ultra-thick borosilicate glass
🛠 This rig also comes with a wide and sturdy base to help your rig stay stable
💨 Built-in percolator maximizes surface area of the smoke filtered by water
💚 It includes a quartz banger
🌱 It converts into a standard water bong


Why wait to begin your concentrate journey? Treat yourself to this Premium Dab Rig and start living better every day!


  • Made from medical-grade borosilicate glass
  • Built-in percolator for filtration
  • Angled downstem and carburetor
  • Quartz banger included
  • Discreet shipping

How to Use a Premium Dab Rig

Step 1:

Make sure the quartz banger is securely attached to the dab rig. Using a torch lighter or other heating element, uniformly heat the nail for 20-30 seconds until it glows bright red. 

Step 2:

Allow the nail to cool while using a dab tool to scoop up your desired amount. 

Step 3:

Place the end of the tool holding the dab inside the banger, and pivot the tool until all  has evaporated. 

Step 4:

Slowly inhale, and enjoy!


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