Get a Mega Flame Producing Dab Torch for Super Heating your Dab Kit Bundle

Mega Flame Dab Torch

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When it comes to dabbing, everyone knows that lighters are an invaluable and irreplaceable tool, and few things are more annoying than a torch lighter that won’t stay lit or fails to heat your nail in the first place. 

Luckily, our new Premium Butane Torch Lighter guarantees you’ll never again be caught flameless again! 

✅ Durable construction designed to handle misuse
✅ Refillable and Adjustable
✅ Mega flame for superheating
✅ Easy push button ignition
✅ Heat your banger nail or do some welding, your choice🙄

This torch lighter for dabbing is loaded with cool and incredibly useful features to make it one of the best and most affordable butane torches on the market, standing toe-to-toe with even the most high-end competitors in terms of performance. 

With a durable construction designed to handle everyday use, this torch lighter is perfect. Refill the dabbing torch lighter time and time again so you can continue to get the most out of your smoking experience!

Not Your Average Gas-Station Lighter ⬇️

We promise you won’t find a lighter like this sitting on the countertop of your local convenience store. 

🔥 Flame height adjuster
😄 Accidental ignition prevention
🛠 Compact and windproof design
💚 Quartz-powered ignition
💪 An oversized fuel tank


Each Premium Torch Lighter for dabbing is built with only the best materials to ensure it stays leak-free and remains dependable when you need it most. 

Say goodbye to wasting your time and money on cheap disposables that don't heat well, and start enjoying life every day with a Mega Flame Torch Lighter!


  • Refillable butane torch lighter
  • High-altitude windproof
  • Adjustable flame height
  • Includes safety features
  • Durable and compact design

How to Use a Mega Flame Torch Lighter

Step 1:

Always test your flame before lighting. To use, simply press and hold the ignition button. Releasing the ignition will immediately cause the flame to cease. 

Step 2: 

When it’s time to refill your torch lighter, only use high-quality butane that’s free from impurities to prevent clogging. 

Step 3: 

When not in use, always store your lighter in room temperature to protect it from the elements and keep fuel from going stale.