One Time Offer! RAW Rolling Bundle!
One Time Offer! RAW Rolling Bundle!

One Time Offer! RAW Rolling Bundle!

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Add a RAW rolling bundle to your purchase for only $20! 

If you are someone that enjoys smoking, then you are familiar with the RAW household name. The only trick is that as human beings, we all love variety. The standard rolling papers are always a go to for any connoisseur, but as perceptions shift and the culture is further embraced, current trends lean towards RAW cones for spliffs, or RAW kingsize slim papers for those more creative rollers.

That is why Me Time is making it easy by offering a bundle that includes everything the smoker could hope for. In the RAW rolling bundle you will find:

  • 1 Rolling Tray
  • RAW Hemp Wick
  • RAW Clipper Lighter
  • 1 Smell Proof Storage Tube
  • 1 Glass Rolling Tip
  • 1 Pack of RAW King Size Slim Papers
  • 1 Pack of RAW Classic Cones with Paper Tips
  • 1 RAW 3M Kingsize Rolls
  • 1 Large Grinder

You know what we say...enjoy life, every day. With a large grinder, a RAW clipper lighter, a rolling tray, a smell proof tube, filters and more, there is nothing this smoking bundle is missing.

Feel free to read our Tips for Rolling blog to get all the secret tricks for rolling only the very best.