Claim your Smoking Accessories Bundle from Atomic Blaze as a thank you!

Atomic Blaze's Thank You Smoker's Gift Pack

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Special THANK YOU Gift from Brian and Heather from Atomic Blaze eBay!
  1. Mary Jane's Rolling Tray
  2. Smell Proof Container
  3. OG Chillum
  4. Rolling Papers
  5. Glass Filter Tip

It has been a great year and we just wanted to thank you for all the business and helping to advance the industry!

What's in the thank you gift pack?

Rolling Tray

In your gift set from Atomic Blaze is a nice metal small rolling tray, so you can take your product and not spill it all over the table or your legs.

Smell Proof Container

Doob tube, J-tube or just a smell proof tube is what we are giving you. It's a super easy way to extinguish your hand rolled masterpiece without having to find a surface to put it out. Snuff out the strong smell instantly by popping your product right into the the doob tube.

OG Chillum Style by Atomic Blaze

The classic glass taster or OG chillum glass pipe is the ideal tool for those who are looking to travel or just to to have a disposable glass pipe on the go. This one is our own Atomic Blaze stamped clear chillum pipe. We know you will love it.

Rolling Papers

Every smoker needs papers. Whether you know how to roll like a pro or are barely able to twist your own, papers are a necessity. We throw in our favorite papers of the month. They could be Magic Stick Rolling Papers, Toke Token Rolling Papers or anything that we are trying this month that we like.

Glass Filter Tip

The glass filter tip is for the rolling connoisseur. Rolling tips are nothing new, but it takes a seasoned roller to be able to master working in a rolling tip. The glass filter tip is reusable and eliminates the need for roach clips or wasting that last bit of tobacco. Once you have tried smoking with a glass tip, it's hard to go back.

*Glass filter tip color, rolling paper style and smell proof container may vary in color or variety.

**One per customer üòâ