Get 2 premium glass products, a huge variety of smoking essentials, discreetly delivered to your door with a monthly subscription box from Me Time Box Products.
(Free Shipping) Me Time Box comes with at least 2 glass pieces and many mj accessories - grinder, glass one hitter, papers- and much more in a smokers subscription box with no long term contracts. Cancel anytime. Premium smokers subscription box.
2 premium glass hand pipes or water bongs or water pipes in every box! Premium monthly mj box subscription with all the essentials for smokers. Only accessories in this subscription box, but discreetly delivered to your door, packed with the best items to enjoy life, every day.
Subscribe to the Original Me Time Box for $45 per month. Cancel anytime. The Smokers subscription box comes with a minimum of 10 items discreetly to your door, monthly. Packed with smoking essentials, the me time box is the best subscription box.

Subscribe to The Original Me Time Box - $45/Month

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Experience the Me Time Box. We keep it fresh with the best and newest products from California. Get the best quality products delivered discreetly to your door. We know what you like and what we need.

Guaranteed to let you enjoy some Me Time. This Me Time Box is curated with over $125 worth of your favorite things to enjoy life, every day. Ā šŸ’š

Each box comes with two premium glass pieces (valued at $35-90 each!), as well as an assortment of accessories including (but not limited to) premium papers and wraps, one hitters, glass chillums, metal rolling trays and much more! Start building your high quality glass collection without breaking the bank!

Subscribe to the Me Time Box and Save $10 per month!

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The Me Time Box subscription is the signature product of Me Time where you can find all of the highest quality glass pipe and smoking essential items for the best prices. You can expect a Me Time Box delivered discreetly to your door each month. Look at the typical costs other a dispensary or smoke shop stores charge for the individual smoke kit items that can be found in a Me Time Box:

  • RAW Rolling Papers - $4
  • RAW Pre-Rolled Cones 6-Pack - $5
  • Glass Bowl - $25
  • Glass Bong - $40
  • Glass One Hitter - $10
  • Glass Chillum - $5
  • Grinder - $10
  • Rolling Tray - $15
  • Total = $115 + Taxes!

The best part about a Me Time Box subscription is that it is full of different smoking essentials every time. The above prices do not even include shipping, but shipping costs for the Me Time Box subscription are included. The assortment of one hitter bowls, glass pipes, glass water pipes, water bongs, rolling papers, hemp wraps and herb grinders are endless. They make perfect gifts and ensure that your smoking kit collection is always fully stocked. It is must have to make sure that you enjoy life, every day.

Do you think that you will receive too many items? The best thing that you can do is share your new found way to relax with friends and family members. Cancel anytime.Ā 

*items may differ than pictured above, based on current inventory and availability, but you will always be happy šŸ’š