Shopping for the Heaviest Glass Pipes? Go for this Triple Blown Glass Pipe Bowl from MeTimeBox!

Heavy, Unique Triple Blown Glass Pipe

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It’s easy to lose sight of quality pieces in the crown. Luckily for you, we have come to the rescue with this beautiful Triple Blown Glass Pipe! We aren’t posturing, this is the best of the best hand pipes.

Hand-crafted by a team of skilled glass blowers, this pipe contains nothing but premium quality glass through and through. 

✅ Super durable glass pipe bowls 
✅ Satisfying heavy weight glass pipe
✅ Incredibly beautiful coloring and fumed glass pipes
✅ A nice big bowl for long sessions
✅ The type of hand pipe you can keep for a lifetime

The heavy pipe bowl has a massive size and durable construction, making this glass piece ideal for any type of smoker, from the traveling novice to the experienced smoker. 

Sink into a state of relaxation and wonder with this fantastic triple blown glass piece guaranteed to be a great complement - or beginning - to any glass collection!

Craftsmanship is Key ⬇️

What makes this glass pipe amazing is the painstakingly artistic technique with which it was created. 

👀 Triple blown glass indicates that the artist worked the inside of the piece
🛠 A more complex process
🎨 Impeccable color rendering and greater depth and dimensionality
💚 Breathtaking work of art for glass pipe collections.

This pipe features a durable borosilicate glass construction, a generously sized glass bowl, and a wide-shaped mouthpiece for maximum comfort and uninterrupted airflow. 

Treat yourself to one of these beautifully-crafted Triple Blown Glass Pipes and live better, every day!


  • Triple blown borosilicate glass
  • Portable and compact design
  • Side carburetor 
  • Wide-shaped mouthpiece
  • Discreet shipping 

How to Use a Triple Blown Glass Pipe

Step 1:

Load your glass pipe with your desired amount of ground tobacco or dry herb. Make sure not to pack too tightly to avoid restricting airflow. 

Step 2:

Bring your lips to the mouthpiece and light before slowly inhaling.

Step 3:

Clean your pipe at least once per week using glass cleaning solution or isopropyl alcohol to avoid debris and resin buildup.